How To Cancel Ulta Credit Card?

Cancel Ulta Credit Card

In today’s world, almost everyone possesses a Credit Card and it is one of the most important financial tools. But, what if you lost your credit card? Well!! That could be a serious matter if you are not closing it soon. 

If you have faced this issue with your Ulta Credit card, then here in this article we are going to show you an effective method to cancel your Ulta Credit Card. 

To get various perks and discounts while shopping the Ulta beauty products, you must have an Ulta Credit or Mastercard. 

If you have suddenly lost your Ulta Credit Card, then you can cancel or close your card by contacting their customer care team. 

Ulta Credit Card Benefits

Ulta provides you with the two types of Credit Cards- 

  1. The Ultamate Rewards Credit Card: It is a closed-loop card, that can only be accessed at Ulta Beauty’s online or offline store.
  1. The Ultamate Rewards Mastercard: It is an open-loop card and can be accessed anywhere across the world. 

You can apply for any one of these credit cards with no annual fee. Both the card provides you with extra benefits while shopping in the form of rewards or discounts. Ultamate Rewards Mastercard provides more perks as compared to the Ultamate Rewards Credit Card. 

How To Cancel Ulta Credit Card By Phone?

There is no online way to cancel your Ulta Credit Card on your own. The only way is to make a call to the Ulta Credit Card phone number written on the back side of your credit card. 

Or, if your credit card is stolen or lost, call the Comenity Capital Bank at 866-257-9195, TDD/TYY: 888-819-1918, and inform them about your credit card and request them to close your card. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

If I Was Approved For The Ultamate Rewards Mastercard But I Want The Ultamate Rewards Credit Card, What Can I Do?

Then, you can cancel the Ultamate Rewards Mastercard and reapply for the Ultamate Rewards Credit Card by calling this phone number 866-257-9195 or the number located on the back side of your card. 

How To Contact Ulta Credit Card Customer Service?

For any information regarding the Ulta Credit Card, you can contact Comenity Capital Bank at 866-257-9195 and get answers to all of your questions. 


Ulta Credit Card can benefit you in many ways. So, make sure that you cancel your Ulta Credit Card only if you have a serious issue- like your card is lost or stolen. Be quick in sending your cancelation request to their team in that case.

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