How To Cancel U-Haul Reservation? Follow These 4 Methods

How To Cancel U-Haul Reservation?

We understand that moving to another location is quite stressful, and you have to take the service of U-Haul for shifting your home stuff to the new place. Well!! If for any reason, your journey is canceled, then make sure that you can cancel U-Haul Reservation. 

U-Haul is an American company that deals with rental self-storage services. They provide trucks, trailers, and other moving objects at rent to you. So, to move your stuff from one place to another, U-Haul Reservation is best for you. 

You can have many methods to cancel your U-Haul Reservation but the best method is to cancel the reservation online from your U-Haul Account. Other than this, you can also contact their service team for cancelation. 

Can You Cancel The U-Haul Reservation? U-Haul Storage Cancellation Policy

Yes, you can cancel your U-Haul Reservation at any time. If you scheduled any reservation from the U-Haul, then do notify their team at least 24 hours before the date of your scheduled reservation that you want to cancel it. 

Then, only you will be eligible for canceling the reservation. 

How To Cancel U-Haul Reservation Online?

How To Cancel U-Haul Reservation- How To Cancel U-Haul Reservation Online?

The best method to cancel your U-Haul Reservation is online by logging into your U-Haul Account. Follow these steps to cancel your U-Haul Reservation. 

  1. The first step of cancelation is you need to log in to your U-Haul Account by using your credentials. 
  1. After getting into your account, you can view all of your current reservations within your account
  1. You need to tap on the “upcoming reservation” link with your order number. With this, you will be able to view the order details page
  1. Then, from the order details page, tap on the “Cancel my Reservation” button 
  1. After that, you have to select the reservation you want to cancel by clicking the “confirm cancellation” button
  1. With this step, you will be taken to your order details page and the message “Your order has been successfully canceled” will be displayed on the screen. 

How To Cancel U-Haul Reservation Over The Phone?

If you are unable to cancel your U-Haul Reservation within your account, then you also have other methods to contact their team directly and ask them to cancel your reservation. 

  1. You can be able to cancel your reservation by calling their U-Haul service team.
  1. Dial their customer support team number 1-800-GO-U-HAUL or 1-800-468-285 and you will be get connected with their service team member on a call
  1. There is a need to tell them that you want to cancel your reservation by giving the details of your reservation. 
  1. Make sure you call them at least 24 hours before your scheduled reservation date so that it will be possible for their team to cancel the reservation
  1. If they will tell you the steps to follow for cancelation, listen to them carefully and follow as it is told them or they can also cancel the reservation from their side. 

How To Cancel U-Haul Reservation Via Email?

  1. If you are not comfortable talking to their service team member directly on a phone call, then you can also Email them. 
  1. Open your Email App and start composing a request cancelation email to their team
  1. You can write “Request to cancel my Reservation” in the Subject Line
  1. Write your intention of canceling the reservation along with all the details of your reservation in the body of the email. 
  1. End your email by providing your name and contact number
  1. Send that composed email to [email protected] 

How To Cancel U Haul Reservation Via Live Chat?

Last, but not least, you can also contact their service team via the Live Chat option. You can access its Live Chat feature on U Haul Contact Page. 

Connect with the Live agent on a chat and ask them to cancel the reservation. They will then help you in canceling it, on Live Chatting. You need to be patient and give the correct information to the agent on chat. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Modify U Haul Reservation?

Yes, you can modify or edit your U-Haul reservation at any time. You can modify your reservation by logging into your account or from your U-Haul app. 

As you signed in to My U-Haul Account, you will be directed to the modify or cancel your reservation button. Click on that button and follow the steps to modify the reservation according to you. 

You can also make a call at  1-800-468-285 or you can visit your pick-up location, to notify their team that you want to make some changes to your reservation. 

How To Contact U-Haul Customer Service?

For any query, you can contact their team by calling on their number 1-800-468-285. You can also reach out to their team via [email protected] and accessing the Live Chat option is your choice. 


U-Haul can be a great option for you if you are planning to go on a long vacation with your family or permanently moved out to some other location. If for any reason, you have to cancel your scheduled U-Haul Reservation, then we hope that after this article, you will not face any problems to cancel Reservation. You can also cancel Public Storage Unit.

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