How To Cancel Public Storage Account? Methods You Must Try

How To Cancel Public Storage Account?

If you are moving to a new place, then it’s time for you to cancel Public Storage Account, if you are using it for a long time. Don’t Worry!! If you actually don’t know about its procedure, we will explain everything about its cancelation in this guide. 

If you want a large and safe space for your furniture or certain other things, you can take Public Storage’s services. It is a self-storage firm in the U.S., Canada, and Europe that provides ample space for customers to keep their objects in one place if they lack the space in their homes. 

To cancel your Public Storage Unit, you have to Schedule a Move-out date from your Public Storage Account to let know their team about your leaving. Also, their customer service team is also there for your help. 

Can You Cancel Your Public Storage Account?

Yes, if for any reason, you longer want to continue with the services of Public Storage, then you can cancel your Public Storage Account at any time. Before canceling its service, you have to empty the storage unit first, then go through the cancelation process. 

Detailed step-by-step instructions are explained in the below heading. 

How To Cancel Public Storage? Moving Out Of Your Self-Storage Space

How To Cancel Public Storage Account- How To Cancel Public Storage? Moving Out Of Your Self-Storage Space

While Public Storage Team does not want to let you go, if you have a genuine reason for your cancelation, then they will help you in canceling your service. Follow this step-by-step guide, to cancel your Public Storage unit. 

Step 1: Empty Your Storage Space

The first step before cancelation would be to empty your storage unit completely. Make sure that you take all of your stuff from our unit so that it is completely available for the other person. 

Don’t leave any of your stuff in the unit, even if it is not in use for you. You can donate it on your own. In short, leaving any of your stuff in the unit is not allowed and Public Storage is not responsible for that. 

Step 2: Tidy Up Self Storage Space

You must remember the time when you put your stuff in the storage unit for the first time. What was the condition of the Storage Unit at that time? It was quite clean and well-organized. Right?

That’s it! All you have to do is to clean the Storage Unit in the same way, when you remove all of your stuff from it. In any case, if their team will found out your unit is not cleaned well, they will charge you a penalty for that. 

It is your responsibility to leave that storage firm in clean condition. 

Step 3: Remove The Lock

Make sure to remove the lock of your storage unit, as you have the only key to that unit. Take it with you, so that you can use that unit again in the future. 

Step 4: Notify Public Storage Move Out Date

How To Cancel Public Storage Account- Step 4: Notify Public Storage Move Out Date

After you are done with all these 3 steps, you need to notify their team about your move-out date. Well!! It is recommended to you give their team at least two days advance notice before leaving. 

You can notify the property manager within your account. Go to Public Storage Website> Login to your Account> Tap on “Schedule a Move-out Date” under “My Storage Units”. 

You need to also come to the office to let the property manager know about your cancelation so that they can close your account. 

How To Cancel Public Storage Unit Via Live Chat?

You can also get the help of their customer service team to get the steps of cancelation for your storage unit. The first method to get connected with their team is via Live Chat. 

You can get access to their Live Chat option on Public Storage Website or from their Contact Page. Live Chat option is available on the right corner of the screen. Click on the Live Chat icon and start chatting with their virtual team agent. 

Enter your Name, and Email Address to “Start a conversation” and they will surely tell you the steps about canceling your unit. 

How To Cancel Public Storage Unit Via Calling?

Well!! It would be the favorite method for the customers to contact their service team. Yes, you can also make a direct call to their customer service team on their given phone numbers to let them know about your cancelation. 

Public Storage Customer Service: 888-797-6980

Public Storage Customer Service Hours: Monday-Saturday (5 am to 10 pm) and Sunday (5 am to 9 pm)

Make a call on the above phone number and get connected with their team member. They will then guide you to cancel your storage unit service by letting you know about the Public Storage rules & regulations. 

How To Cancel Public Storage Unit Via Mail?

You can also send your cancelation request by writing a letter to their team and sending it via Mail to their Mailing Address. Make sure to include all the information in the mail. 

Public Storage Mailing Address

Public Storage

P.O. Box 25050

Glendale, CA 91221-5050

Attn: Customer Service

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Contact Public Storage Customer Service?

You can contact their team during their working hours for any query. You can make a call to their customer service number 888-797-6980 or access their Live Chat option to get connected with their team. 

You will get all the information regarding their contact on Public Storage Contact Page.

What Are The Alternatives To Public Storage Units? 

You can try these self-storage services- U-Haul, Simply Self Storage, and CubeSmart. If you are already using CubeSmart, then here are some methods to cancel CubeSmart effectively. 


That’s It!! We hope that we cleared up your confusion about canceling Public Storage Unit. If you are unable to do it on your own, take the help of their customer support service team and move out from the Public Storage unit without any penalty. 

If you ever need help on any other topic related to cancelation, do let us know and we will surely help you with that. 

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