How To Cancel Try Beem?

How To Cancel Try Beem?

Are you using the smart wallet app TryBeem to get the desired amount of cash advances when in need? Then maybe the services are not working well for you as you are here to look for ways to cancel Try Beem. So if you are determined to proceed with cancelation then we will help you with that. 

Try Beem is a smart wallet app that provides users with instant cash advances when they need it. You may transfer or send money to anyone with no interest and credit checks. It lets you manage your finances and acts as a helping friend when you encounter emergencies. 

If you don’t want to continue using Beem anymore then you may cancel your Try Beem account by deactivating it from their official website. Choose to deactivate your account and you are done. 

How To Cancel Try Beem?

You can keep a record of your finances and get monetary help with their cash advance features and more. But if you are not getting much benefit from these services then you can easily deactivate your account. 

1. Go to the official web page of Try Beem and use your login credentials to sign in. 

2. There, you will see the Deactivate account option on the screen page. 

3. Hit the Deactivate account button and follow the procedure as they say. 

4. Confirm that you want to deactivate your Try Beem account and that’s it. 

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How Can I Change Name On My Try Beem Account?

If you have unintentionally added the wrong name to your Beem account then you can send their Customer Support department a request to change it. 

To make the changes to your account, you will need to provide them with your bank statement. 

A picture of your debit card is also required where the last four digits of the card are visible. Your name should also be seen clearly in the picture. 

So as you provide them with all this information, they will help you change your name in your Beem account. 

Why My Bank Account Could Not Be Linked To Beem Account?

Beem makes it clear that if you want to use the services provided by them then you must link your own bank account with Beem. 

Using a spouse’s or any other family member’s account won’t work. The services that are provided by Beem might even get suspended or terminated if it is found that the user isn’t using his own bank account here. 

The name that has been written in the personal details that you send for verification and the name on the bank account must match to proceed with the services. 

Failing what may lead to account cancellation. They might not provide you with a refund of the services fee that you have paid already. 

How Can I Contact Beem Customer Support?

You will be able to contact the Customer Support team of Beem for any of your queries or problem by giving them a phone call at (442) 233-3232

Speak to the representatives regarding your issues and they will help you with it. 

You may also send them an email at [email protected]. For other contact details, go to the Try Beem Contact Us page. 

Wrap Up

Try Beem can be your support when you need instant cash advances or maintain your finances and other monetary aspects. 

But if you have already tried using it and no longer require it for any reason then you can cancel and deactivate your Beem account by following the steps discussed above. 

You may also contact Beem Customer Support for other help. 

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