How To Cancel Lexica AI Subscription? 3 Top-Notch Methods!!

How To Cancel Lexica AI Subscription?

If you are a creator or designer and love to explore different AI tools for generating high-quality images for your projects, then you can try out with Lexica AI tool now. 

Lexica is an AI tool that performs as a search engine in which you can search the images of your choice. On this platform, you will find an ample amount of AI-generated images that you can access for free as well as from its subscription. 

If you have taken a Lexica AI subscription for unlocking the more well-designed images, and don’t find the right one, then you can cancel the Lexica Subscription from your account by managing your plan section. 

Complete details and more methods to cancel the Lexica AI Subscription will be discussed in this article. 

Lexica AI Subscription Plans

Lexica AI services start with its free trial. It comes in both free as well as paid subscription plans. In its free plan, access to images is limited. You can take up to 16 images per month in its free version. 

To unlock more secrets of its services, you can choose any of its subscription paid plans mentioned below- 

Lexica AI Monthly Plans

  1. Starter plan: $10 per month
  2. Pro Plan: $30 per month
  3. Max Plan: $60 per month

Lexica Yearly Plans

  1. Starter Plan: $96 per year
  2. Pro Plan: $288 per year
  3. Max Plan: $576 per year

How To Cancel Lexica AI Subscription?

How To Cancel Lexica AI Subscription- How To Cancel Lexica AI Subscription?

The simplest method to cancel the Lexica AI Subscription plan is online from Lexica Account. Steps to cancel include the following- Go to Lexica Website> Log in to the Account> Go to Account Settings> Tap on Manage Plan button> Select the Cancel Subscription. 

You can access the benefits of its subscription plan until your current subscription plan ends. 

How To Cancel Lexica AI Subscription Via Email?

The other way to cancel the Lexica AI Subscription is to reach out to their Support team and ask for their help in cancelation. 

Follow these steps to contact Lexica Team via Email. 

  1. Compose a cancelation Email about canceling the Lexica AI Subscription
  1. Write a precise and clear subject line related to the cancelation
  1. Include everything related to the subscription cancelation, subscription details, and your contact information in the body of the email
  1. Finally, submit the Email to Lexica Email Address at [email protected] 

How To Cancel Lexica Art Subscription Via Discord?

The Lexica team is pretty much active on their Discord Community. Most of their subscribers can message their team on Discord and they will reply to all of them. 

You can also drop a message on Discord about the subscription cancelation and they will help you out with this. They will give you full assistance in messages. Alternatives

Here are some of the best alternatives to Lexica Art. Take a look at each one of them. 

  1. DreamStudio: It is an AI-generated AI, that can create images from text
  1. Fine Art Printing: It is best for photographers. You can design and even print your images from this tool
  1. RunDiffusion: This tool can use Stable Diffusion apps to create images at an expensive cost. 
  1. This tool is quite similar to RunDiffusion and charges you on an hourly basis. Create high-quality images. 
  1. InstantArt: This is one of the best free tools for generating unlimited images at no cost. They can generate high-resolution images even in its free version. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Upgrade Or Downgrade My Lexica Plan?

Yes, you can make changes to your plan at any time. You can downgrade your plan to its free version and start using it. You can update your plan with the new one. In short, you can make any type of changes to your plan as you want. 

How To Contact Lexica Customer Service?

Lexica Team is 24/7 online on their Discord Community. Connect with their team on Discord or send an email at [email protected] 


That’s all, you have to do to cancel the subscription to Lexica. We know that the methods are not that difficult and can easily be done by anyone. 

So, go ahead and cancel your Lexica Subscription. In case of any doubt, contact the Lexica service team at any time. 

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