How To Cancel Transform Credit Account?

How To Cancel Transform Credit Account?

If you feel like Transform Credit does not help you improve your Credit Scores, then be ready to close your Transform Credit Account or application with this guide. 

Transform Credit Builder is a loan provider company that provides easy payment methods to pay off your loan and build Credit scores. The account is easy to handle and the repayments are around $5 monthly. 

You can cancel your Transform Credit Account simply by following a few steps from your account. 

For a detailed step-by-step guide to canceling the Transform Credit Account, read this entire article up to the end. 

How Does Transform Credit Work?

Transform Credit helps you build your Credit Scores. They offer you a simple loan program and you can complete the loan payments in monthly installments. Their payments can increase your credit scores too. 

Here are the simple steps that show the workings of Transform Credit. 

  • Sign up for the CreditBuilder account, and you have to build your Credit score over 24 months. 
  • You have to pay $5 each month, which we report as interest on a loan that is provided by us to you to the credit bureau.
  • These payments can maintain your Credit scores 

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How To Cancel Transform Credit Account?

You can cancel your Transform Credit Account at any time online from your account with these steps- 

How To Cancel Transform Credit Account- How To Cancel Transform Credit Account?
  • Login to your Transform Credit Account
  • Go to your “Account Settings”
  • Then, tap on the “Cancel Account” link 
  • Follow the steps to confirm your account cancelation
  • Once your account is canceled, your charges for the account and your monthly payments will be stopped.

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How To Cancel Transform Credit Application?

If you want to cancel your Transform Credit application, you can do so before the loan is provided. 

To cancel the Transform Credit Application, you just need to contact their customer service team by sending an email to [email protected] and the rest of the cancelation procedure will be taken by their team. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Pay Off My Transform Credit Loan?

You can pay your loan at any time with no extra charges. To pay off your loan, you can simply go to your Account or call the Transform Credit phone number 470-435-6199.

Is Transform Credit Legit?

Yes, Transform Credit is a legit loan provider company with 5-star ratings on Trust Pilot. 

Does Transform Credit Give You Money?

Yes, Transform Credit provides you with their loan policy just by trusting you and you will be asked to pay off the loan at $5 per month. 

How To Contact The Transform Credit Customer Service?

If you want to make a complaint, then you have to send your issues to the Transform Credit team at [email protected] 


Transform Credit promises you to increase your Credit scores with their loan payments. You are also allowed to cancel your Transform account at any time with the online cancelation steps mentioned above. 

Don’t Worry!! Your Credit Scores won’t be affected after you cancel your Transform Credit Account.

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