How To Cancel TradingView Subscription? Easy Steps To Cancel

How To Cancel TradingView Subscription?

Are you not using your TradingView Subscription much? You signed up for the TradingView community because at that time you were interested in trading, but slowly you lost interest in it and now you wanna cancel TradingView Subscription. 

TradingView is a platform that is specially designed for traders and investors who has a keen interest in trading, share markets, and stocks. They can even provide you with a trading community to interact with other traders on this platform. 

You can cancel your TradingView Subscription only from the TradingView Website by logging into your account. Third-Party cancelations (Google Play Store or Apple Store) are also possible. 

TradingView Cancellation Policy

If you purchased any subscription from TradingView Website, then it means your subscription will auto-renew itself after every new subscription term and you will automatically be charged for it from TradingView. 

You can use the services of TradingView for up to 30 days with no charge (TradingView has 30 days free trial period). After your free trial period ends, you will automatically be charged for its subscription plan and your Paid-Subscription plan started. 

TradingView offers both monthly & annual subscription plans and you are allowed to cancel both subscription plans at any time. Make sure that you cancel your subscription before it auto-renews to its new billing period. 

You can also even cancel your TradingView Free Trial if you don’t want to charge for its paid-subscription plan. Cancelations are only allowed from the TradingView Website. Contacting its customer service team for cancelation is not accepted. 

You can check the section “Payment and cancellation of service” from TradingView Terms & Conditions page, for more information. 

How To Cancel TradingView Subscription From Website?

How To Cancel TradingView Subscription- How To Cancel TradingView Subscription From Website?
  1. The first step is you need to go to TradingView Website and log in to your TradingView Account. 

  1. From your account, click on your Profile Picture from the top-right corner of the screen. 

  1. Tap on the “Account & Billing” option from the drop-down menu.

  1. You can then be taken to the page, where you will see all the details related to your plan. You can also see how many days will leave for your subscription to auto-renew. 

  1. Tap on “Cancel Auto-Renew” next to your subscription plan. 

  1. On the next page, tap on “Continue to cancel”

  1. Select the reason for cancelation on the next page and click on the “Continue to cancel” button

  1. On the last page, tap on “Yes, cancel me” 

  1. After giving cancelation confirmation three times, your TradingView Subscription will be canceled. 

How To Cancel TradingView Free Trial?

If you are in TradingView Free Trial, then make sure to cancel your free trial before it expires (within 30 days). Follow these simple steps to cancel TradingView Free Trial from its website. 

Login to your TradingView Account> Click on your Profile Picture> Tap “Account & Billing”> Tap on “Cancel Free Trial”> Continue to cancel> Select the reason to cancel> Yes, cancel me! That’s it. 

How To Cancel TradingView Subscription On iPhone?

If your purchased your TradingView Subscription from your iPhone, then you have to follow the steps to cancel the subscription from iOS Device. 

Steps include- Open iPhone Settings> Click on your name> Go to Subscriptions> Select “TradingView Subscription”> Click on Cancel Subscription. You can also take help from Apple Store

How To Cancel TradingView Subscription On Android?

If your purchased your TradingView Subscription from your Android, then you have to follow the steps to cancel the subscription from Google Play Store. 

Steps Include- Open Google Play Store from your device> Tap on your profile> Click “Payments and subscriptions”> Subscriptions> Select TradingView Subscription> Tap on the Cancel button.  

How To Pause TradingView Subscription?

You can pause your TradingView Subscription only if the subscription is purchased from the Andriod device. You can only pause your subscription if your current billing period ends. 

Follow these steps to pause TradingView Subscription from the Android App. 

  1. Open Google Play Store from your device

  1. Tap on your profile> Click “Payments and subscriptions”> Subscriptions

  1. Select TradingView Subscription

  1. Then, click on the “Manage” option and then tap “Pause Payment”

  1. Set the time period to pause the subscription> Tap on the Confirm button. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Get TradingView Refund?

You will not get refunds on your TradingView Monthly Subscriptions. Only annual subscription plan refunds are available, only when you cancel your subscription within 14 days of your new auto-renewal annual plan. 

How To Contact TradingView Customer Service?

You can get support from their team on their Help Center & Support Page.


We advise you to only subscribe to TradingView when you are seriously interested in investing in markets and trade, otherwise, it feels like a waste of money. Follow the steps carefully mentioned above and cancel your TradingView Subscription. 

The steps are simple and easy to understand. It takes hardly 2 minutes to cancel your subscription on your own from your account. 


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