How To Cancel Rocksbox Subscription In Easy Steps?

How To Cancel Rocksbox Subscription In Easy Steps?

Are you also tired of the designs that Rocksbox provides to its customers? Then it is time to cancel your Rocksbox subscription and switch to another jewelry platform and we are going to help you with that right here. 

Rocksbox, a jewelry company, lives on a disposition to lend designer jewelry items to its customer with the hope that its customer might love them with time and buy its products. It is a very famous jewelry hub in online shopping. 

To cancel your Rocksbox subscription, you need to go to your account on their website and open the Manage Membership option in the Account Details section where you can easily cancel it. 

There are a few other cancelation methods as well, so if you wish to know further about Rocksbox and how to cancel it easily, continue reading.

What Is Rocksbox Cancelation Policy?

Rocksbox has an auto-renewal subscription policy, which means that Rocksbox will keep charging subscription fees unless one wishes to discontinue it. 

But according to its policy terms, its members can discontinue the membership at any moment, and that too without any cancellation fees being charged. 

The important point to keep in mind is that if a member has any Rocksbox jewelry piece while canceling their membership, he/she must either buy or return that jewelry piece before the present billing cycle ends. 

In case it’s not done, the member might not be able to undo its subscription.

How To Cancel Rocksbox Subscription?

The  Rocksbox Subscription can be canceled by sending an E-mail, Over the mobile phone, or by its website. 

Let us explain in detail all the methods by which you can terminate your subscription so that you can go for the one that you are convenient with. 

How To Cancel Rocksbox Subscription Via Email?

The procedure involved in Rocksbox membership cancellation via Email can be applied in the following way:

Write an Email having a Cancellation Request.

Write the crucial information about the member’s account such as the member’s full name, contact number, registered email, address, etc.

Then, send the composed email to Rocksbox customer care at [email protected] and ensure that Rocksbox confirms your account cancellation with a reply.

How To Cancel Rocksbox Subscription On Website?

Following steps are required to cancel Rocksbox membership via its website. 

1. Visit  Rocksbox’s official website.

1. Log in to your Rockbox account where you want to cancel your subscription.

2. At the top right corner of the page, you will see the “Your account” menu, select it.

3. In this section, you will tap the “Account Details” tab to manage your membership.

4. Next, click on the “Manage my Membership” button to see the instructions now visible on the screen.

5. After reading the instructions carefully, submit your cancelation request.

Then, follow the instructions now visible on the screen and submit the cancellation request.

How To Cancel Rocksbox Membership Over The Phone?

The Rocksbox allows its members to communicate over the mobile phone for Membership Cancellation Requests in the following way:

Dial 1 877 478 0450

Discuss with customer support executive regarding cancellation request in working hours from MONDAY-FRIDAY (9 A.M.-5 P.M.)

Rocksbox has even taken care of occupied members who, by any chance forget to communicate on available timings, then can leave a voice note or voicemail.

Members can request an actual callback option and then can make membership cancellation requests under the guidance of customer support executives.


Is Rocksbox Membership Difficult To Cancel?

No, it’s easy to cancel your Rocksbox membership. Simply, send an email to its customer service at [email protected], and request a cancellation.

For How Much Time Can Rocksbox Be Kept?

One can keep Rocksbox as long as he/ she is paying its monthly subscription fees. There is no fixed last date.

Wrapping Up

We hope that we can make you understand how to cancel your Rocksbox membership via this article. Still, if you feel that more can be mentioned about it, please contact us. We shall try to help you even more.

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