How To Cancel Tidal Wave Auto Spa? Cancel In 2 Simple Steps!

How To Cancel Tidal Wave Auto Spa?

If you too feel that your car deserves some pampering then Tidal Wave can be a good option for you. A Tidal Wave membership can also provide some great benefits but if you don’t need the membership anymore then you can cancel Tidal Wave anytime. 

Tidal Wave Auto spa provides the best care for your vehicle and makes them shine with its special cleaning procedures. With the membership, you can get Unlimited washes for your car and you can also choose the interior cleaning options. 

You can easily cancel your Tidal Wave membership online through their website or by visiting your nearest Tidal Wave club and requesting the representatives there to cancel your membership. You can cancel the membership anytime you want but it might take a few days to process your request. 

Tidal Wave Auto Spa Membership Plans And Prices

Tidal Wave promises its customers to provide the best car services and a membership to the Tidal Wave Unlimited Car Wash Club can provide several benefits. With this monthly membership, you can get unlimited car washes for a time period. There are also many interior cleaning options that vary according to the club locations. You can get the membership easily by purchasing it online or by visiting your nearest Tidal Wave club. When you become a member, you will get a club sticker that will provide you with a convenient experience. 

Membership PlansCar 1Car 2Grand Total
Separate Plans$29.99$29.99$59.98/month
Family Plan$29.99$24.99$54.98/month

Customers can choose from Singular or Family plans. If you choose the Separate Plans then you will have to pay $29.99 a month for a single car and the same for the other. However, if you get a Family Plan, you will get a $5 discount on your second car wash.

The new Graph-X4 provides great shine and protection for your vehicle. With the combination of Graphene Oxide and ceramic gloss coating, they create a four-layer molecular shield that will further prevent your car from dirt, UV rays, and pollutants so that your vehicle shine and sparkles.  

How Can I Cancel My Tidal Wave Membership?

You can easily terminate your Tidal Wave membership online or by visiting your local Tidal Wave Club and request them for membership cancellation. 

Cancel Tidal Wave Membership Online

1. Visit the official website of Tidal Wave and log in to your account.

2. Click on the Manage Your Club tab at the top of the screen. 

3. You will see I Want To written in the box and then two boxes are present below it. 

4. You can either select the Change/End my Club Plan option or the Update My Card option next to it. 

5. Click on Change/End my Club Plan and then choose your Tidal Wave club location from the drop-down menu in the box below it. 

6. Select your current Club Plan from the graphic options available. You will now be asked to either Change your plan or End your plan. 

7. Click on the End My Plan button. 

8. You will now be required to select a reason for your membership cancellation from the options available. 

9. Provide your Fast Pass ID and other membership details and you are done. 

Cancel Tidal Wave Membership In-Person

1. You can also cancel your Tidal Wave membership in person by visiting your local Tidal Wave club location if you purchased the membership there

2. Go to your Club location and talk to the representatives there. 

3. Request them to cancel your membership and provide all-important personal details and membership details that they might require. 

4. Provide them with a membership cancellation reason if they ask so. 

5. Ask for confirmation of your membership cancellation procedure. 

Terminate Tidal Wave Membership- FAQs

How Can I Contact Tidal Wave Customer Service?

If you have queries related to your membership in Tidal Wave then you can contact Customer Service and talk to their representatives at 706-938-0991. Tell them about your problem and they will surely provide a solution. 

How Long Does It Take For My Plan To Be Cancelled?

It may take up to 7 business days to complete the procedure for your membership cancellation. During this time, you can still get the car wash benefits till the cancellation process is completed. 

Will I Receive A Refund After I Cancel My Tidal Wave Membership?

No, Tidal Wave does not offer refunds after you cancel your Membership plan. However, you will still be able to get access to all those membership benefits till your next billing period arrives. 

Why Am I Unable To Cancel My Tidal Wave Membership?

You are required to provide all important personal and membership details to cancel your membership. You must also provide the correct Club Number which is an 11-digit number that you can find on the sticker they attached to your windshield. Provide the correct number and you will be able to cancel your membership. 

Wrap Up

Tidal Wave has some special car wash plans for you and a membership to their club can even provide several other benefits. You can also cancel your Tidal Wave membership if you don’t want to continue with them. Go through the membership cancellation methods we discussed above and end your membership. If any problem still persists then you can contact Customer Service and let them know your query. You can also cancel your Delta Sonic membership and Zips Car Wash membership.

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