How To Cancel Zips Car Wash Membership? 3 Effective Hacks!

Cancel Zips Car Wash Membership

Did you send your car to Zips for a shiny and clean wash? Did you find their services great? If not then no problem. If you too feel unsatisfied with the services of Zips Car Wash or there is some other reason for it then we can help you cancel your Zips Car Wash membership easily. 

Zips Car Wash can be a good option for you to provide your vehicle with the care they deserve. You can select from any of their membership plans and they will help you keep your car new all the time. You can look for your nearest car wash club from their official website and even visit the location for more related details.

If you want to terminate your membership plan then there are several easy steps to do that. You can cancel your Zips Car Wash membership online by visiting their official website. You can also send an email to the officials where you request them to cancel your membership or even visit the location in-person to complete the procedure. 

Zips Unlimited Car Wash Membership Plans

Zips car wash now claims to serve its customers at 22 different locations and provides amazing and affordable car wash packages. With their unlimited car wash plans, the members can wash their cars as many times a month as they want and the prices could change at different locations. 

There are several Car Wash plans offered by Zips unlimited that you can select as per your choice and the prices may vary according to the region. 

Car Wash ClubPrice Per Month
Protect It Club$34.95
Wax It Club$29.95
Shine It Club$23.95
Clean It Club$14.95

There are several different cleaning clubs that provide your cars with specific cleanliness and shine. The Protect It club for your vehicle is available for a monthly price of $34.95 and the Wax It club can be purchased for $29.95 per month. The Shine It club costs $23.95 a month and the basic Clean It club can be purchased for a monthly price of $14.95

How Do I Cancel My Zips Car Wash Membership?

There are several ways to cancel your Zips Car Wash membership and you can choose the one that is easy for you. 

Cancel Zips Car Wash Online Via Website

1. Visit the official website of Zips Car Wash and sign in to your account. 

2. Click on the Manage My Membership button at the bottom of the screen page. 

3. Hit the Submit a Request option and then choose the Manage My Membership option. 

4. The next page will open a membership cancellation form and you will be required to fill out all the fields. 

5. Select Cancel and then click on the Submit button at last. 

Cancel Zips Car Wash Via Email

1. Open your default email application and compose an email

2. In the email, write down all your required personal and membership details they might need to process your request. 

3. Do remember to ask them for a confirmation message when they are finished with your cancellation. 

4. When satisfied with the email, send it to [email protected]

Cancel Zips Car Wash Membership In-Person

1. Visit your local Zips Car Wash location and talk to a representative there. 

2. Tell them that you wish to cancel your car wash membership. 

3. Provide your required personal or membership details they might require.

4. Ask them for confirmation when they are done. 

Cancel Zips Car Wash Membership-FAQs

Do Zips Car Wash Memberships Work At All Locations?

Yes, Zips does provide you with this right. Zips Car Wash membership plans can be used at any of the Zips Car Wash locations that accept the Unlimited Car Wash plans. Just provide them with your membership details or card or number, whatever you have and you are good to go. 

How Can I Contact Zips Car Wash Customer Service?

You can contact the Customer Service department of Zips Car Wash by visiting their Contact Us page and writing your queries and details. You can also talk to an agent of Zips car wash by dialing their Customer Service number 855-947-7927 and telling them about your situation. Customers are even allowed to send an email to [email protected] and they will get back to them. 

Wrap Up

If you are looking for a car wash location and a Zips Car Wash club is near you then you can try using their services. However, if you already purchased a membership at Zips Car Wash but no longer wish to continue due to any reason then you can cancel your membership anytime you want by following the steps discussed above. Customers can contact the Customer Support department of Zips Car Wash for your more related queries. You can also cancel your Delta Sonic membership and Club Car Wash.

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