How To Cancel Macy’S Credit Card?

cancel macy's credit card

You might have been using Macy’s credit card for earning points and other benefits while shopping there. But what if you no longer wish to use those benefits or have found other better options? You must then cancel your Macy’s credit card and if you are unaware of the effective steps then we can help you with cancellation. 

Macy’s credit card is a store card that can be used at Macy’s store locations. With this card, customers are rewarded with store credits, points, and various other offers, discounts, and benefits that make shopping easier and more effective. Frequent buyers at Macy’s can also save enough money on their purchases using the Macy’s Credit Card. 

If you are planning to close or cancel your Macy’s credit card then you will have to contact the Macy’s Customer Support department and request them to terminate your card service

How Can I Cancel Macy’s Credit Card?

If you are not getting many benefits from the Macy’s Credit Card then you can of course cancel it for good. 

1. You can cancel Macy’s credit card by contacting their Customer Support department. 

2. Dial their Help number (888) 257-6757 and you will be connected to a Macy’s representative. 

3. Request them to cancel or close your Macy’s Credit Card and do provide a reason if they ask for the same. 

4. You will be required to confirm your identity so give all the details they ask for and also provide information regarding your Macy’s credit card account. 

Just do as they say and you will be able to cancel Macy’s credit card. 

If you wish to cancel your Macy’s Store Card then you will have to follow the similar steps as before. Give a call on the Macy’s Support Department number (888) 257-6757 and put forward your request to cancel your Macy’s card. Give all the information they ask for and you are done.

Cancel Macy’S Credit Card- FAQs

Does Macy’s Card Have An Annual Fee?

No, Macy’s Card does not have an annual fee. You can get several rewards, discounts, and benefits, but won’t be required to pay an annual fee for that. 

How Can I Pay My Macy’s Credit Card Bill?

There are different ways that you can try to pay for your Macy’s Credit Card bill. You can pay your Macy’s Credit Card bill online by signing in to your Macy’s account and then selecting the Make a Payment option. Now follow the steps as they say and choose the amount you want to pay and the date you wish to pay. You can also make your credit card payment over the phone call by dialing their service number 888-257-6757.

Why Did Macy’s Close My Credit Card? Macy’s Credit Card Closed Due To Inactivity?

If your Macy’s card shows no activity for about a year or your card has been inactive for one year then Macy’s will close your card on the basis of inactivity. Thus, if you don’t want them to close your card then you must make payments or use your Macy’s card at intervals or they will close it. 

How Can I Contact Macy’s Credit Card Customer Service?

For queries related to your Macy’s Credit Card, you can call their Credit Card Customer Service team at 888-257-6757. This will connect you to a Macy’s Customer Care representative and you can put forward your request, raise your concerns, or tell them about your problem and they will surely help you accordingly. You can also dial their Toll-free Customer Service number 1-866-470-8613 for more details you need. 

Wrap Up

Macy’s credit card may be a beneficial option for you if you are a regular customer at Macy’s. But if you barely use the card or don’t want to continue using it for some reason then you can follow the above-mentioned steps and cancel your Macy’s Credit Card. If your queries persist and you need more information then you can contact the Macy’s Credit Card Customer Support department and they will help you accordingly with your requirements. You can also cancel your Best Buy Credit Card.

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