How To Cancel Root Insurance? I Canceled With These Methods

How To Cancel Root Insurance?

It seems like you are planning to switch your car insurance provider company because your experience with Root Insurance was not good. Don’t Worry!! We will help you with this by letting you know how to cancel Root Insurance. 

Root Insurance Company provides you with Car Insurance Services. The root is different from other car insurance companies because they provide their insurance rates depending upon the person’s driving behavior. 

You can cancel your Root Insurance by ending your policy from the Root Mobile App or you can get help from their customer service team. 

If you want to know about Root Insurance Cancelation in a step-by-step guide, then read this article up to its conclusion is a must to you. 

How To Cancel Root Insurance On The App?

If you want to cancel your Root Insurance, then you can do so with these simple steps from your Root Mobile App. 

  1. Open Root Mobile App and go to Policy & Payments section

  1. Tap on the Policy to cancel

  1. Then, select Cancel My Policy

How Can You Cancel Root Insurance Over The Phone?

If you are unable to cancel your Root Insurance from its app, then you can also get help from its service team to cancel your insurance. 

You can make a call to their customer service phone number at 866 980 9431 and let them know their team that you want to cancel the Root Insurance. 

Provide them with all the information related to your insurance policy and the reason for your cancelation and they will be able to cancel your Root Insurance. 

How Do I Cancel Root Car Insurance Via Email?

  1. You can also send your insurance cancelation request to the Root Service team via Email

  1. Composed a cancelation email to their team and clearly mentioned that you want to cancel your Root Insurance in the Email

  1. Include all the Insurance Details along with your Name & contact information

  1. Send the composed email to [email protected] and wait for their reply. You can get a reply within 48 hours. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Get A Refund From Root Insurance?

Yes, you will get a refund from Root Insurance on a Pro Rata Basis. You will only get a refund for your unused insurance period after you cancel your insurance.  

How To Reactivate Root Insurance?

Root Insurance gives you 30 days to reactivate your policy. If you activate your policy within 30 days of its cancelation, then you can activate your old policy. 

But, after 30 days, you will be able to start a new policy. The older one is canceled permanently. You can contact their team to reactivate your old policy. 

Is There Any Cancellation Fee For Canceling My Root Insurance?

No, you do not have to pay any cancellation fee for your Root Insurance. You can cancel it at any time without paying any money. 

How To Contact Root Insurance Customer Service?

You can contact their team by making a call to Root Insurance phone number 866 980 9431or you can send an email to [email protected] 

You can reach their team on Monday-Friday from 9 am to 8 pm. They will try their best to respond to your email within 48 hours of receiving it. You can connect with their team on Twitter. 


Many people like the perks of the Root Car Insurance policy, but some people found it limited. We hope that now you are able to cancel the Root Insurance Policy on your own. 

Apart from cancelation, if you need any help related to your Policy, Root Insurance Team is always ready to help you. Contact them during their working hours and get instant help. You can also cancel Direct Line Car Insurance.

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