How To Cancel Project Fi? 3 Ways To Ensure Cancelation!

cancel project fi

It seems that you have been using Project Fi for telecommunication services but are not very satisfied with them. It may be possible that you have found another better option that provides you with similar benefits. Whatever your reason is, if you want to cancel Project Fi, here’s how. 

Project Fi or Google Fi Wireless as it is known today is a telecommunication service by Google. It provides users, with telephone calls, SMS, and also mobile broadband by using cellular networks and Wi-Fi. They claim to provide these services for affordable rates. 

You can cancel Project Fi or Google Fi online from the official website, or from your Android device or iPhone. You can also contact Google Fi Support for cancelation help. 

How To Cancel Project Fi?

You will be able to easily cancel Project Fi from the official website and on Android and iPhone. 

Cancel Project Fi From Website

1. Visit the official website of Google Fi or open the application on your device. 

2. Navigate to the Home tab and from there, choose the Manage Plan option. 

3. You must now select Leave Google Fi and follow the steps as prompted on the page. 

4. You will be able to cancel your service plan and close your Project Fi account. 

Cancel Project Fi From Android

1. First open the Google Fi app on your device and from the main screen, scroll to the Manage plan option.

2. As you tap the Manage Plan button, this will open a new page and there, you will have to scroll the page till you find the Leave Google Fi option. 

3. Now tap on Leave Google Fi and then hit Continue. You will now be asked what would you want Google Fi to do with your number so select the option you prefer. 

4. Now tap Continue after you have made your selection. Confirm the changes you made by Tapping on each of the checkboxes on the page. 

5. Tap the Tap Leave Google Fi button. This will cancel Project Fi from your Android device. 

Cancel Project Fi From iOS

1. To cancel your Project Fi from your iOS device, you will have to open the Google Fi app and then scroll to the Manage Plan button.

2. As you tap the Manage Plan button, it will open a new page and there you can scroll to find the Leave Google Fi option. 

3. Now tap on the Next button at the bottom of the page and then you can select the option that you prefer. 

4. Hit the Next button after you select the option of your choice and then again tap Next after confirming and checking all the boxes. 

5. Select the Continue & Cancel service button and then tap Got it. These steps will help you with cancelation. 

How Do I Cancel My Fi Order?

You will be able to cancel your Google Fi order if your order is not already at the preparation stage. Then following these steps may help. 

1. First, you must look for the order with the shipment that you want to cancel.

2. Now select the View Order button and you will see your order details there. 

3. Click the Cancel shipment option if it is visible to you and if it isn’t then probably you are late and won’t be able to make a cancelation. 

4. As you follow these steps, you will be able to cancel your order and will receive a cancelation confirmation email from Google Store.

Cancel Project Fi- FAQs

How Long Does Google Fi Cancellation Take? Google Fi Refund

Soon as you cancel your Google Fi service, you will still be able to go through your bill and also other details when you log in to your account. And if you possess an outstanding balance, you will get a refund and it can take about 60–90 days to complete the refund. 

What If I Have No Option To Leave Google Fi?

You can find the Leave Google Fi option under the Manage Plan page at the very bottom of the screen. However, if you follow the steps suggested above and still don’t find the Leave Google Fi option then you must contact the Support team for help. 

How Can I Contact Project Fi Customer Support? Google Fi Customer Service

For your queries related to your Google Fi services, you can contact the Google Fi support team at 1-844-TALK-2-FI. You can also visit the Google Fi Help Page to get answers to your queries. 

Wrap Up

If you used Project Fi services for a long and have no plans to continue with the platform then go through the termination steps mentioned above and cancel Project Fi. You may also contact the Google Fi Customer Support team for your persisting queries. 

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