How To Cancel Rei Order?

Cancel Rei Order

Do you need help in canceling your Rei order? Follow this guide and learn how to cancel the Rei Order effectively. 

Recreational Equipment, Inc., (Rei) is an American Retailer online store that sells outdoor items like gear, climbing, hiking, cycling, snow, travel, running, and more. Apart from these, clothing for both men and women is also available. 

Once you placed your Rei Order, you can not change or cancel it. 

Then, how to cancel? Read this entire article to know how to cancel your Rei Order. 

Can You Cancel Rei Order?

Once you place an order from Rei and click on the “Submit” button, your order is accepted by the Rei team and starts to process. So, you are not allowed to make any changes to your order as well as cancel it. 

The only way is to return the order once it is delivered to you. Read the below heading to learn about the Rei Return Policy. 

You can still contact your Rei customer service team by calling (1-800-426-4840) and (1-253-891-2500) and requesting them to cancel your order. 

If your cancellation request is rejected by their team, then follow the Return procedure. 

What Is Rei’s Return Policy?

Rei offers a one-year return policy for Rei members and a 90-day return policy for non-members. 

If you are not satisfied with the Rei order, then you can return your order within one year of the purchase date (for Rei Members) and 90 days of the purchase date (if you are not a Rei Member). 

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How To Return Rei Order?

You have the following ways to return your Rei Order. 

  1. Return To A Store: You can return your order by visiting your Rei Store. Make sure to bring the order with proper packaging and tags as well as proof of purchase. Visit the customer service desk and return your order. 
  1. Return By Mail: You can return the online purchased order or from the Rei Store via the Mail-in return process. You can either drop off your package (with Shipping Label) or mail it from your home. 
  1. Contacting Rei Customer Service: You can also contact the Rei customer service team by calling 1-800-426-4840, or via Email Process

Do You Get Money-Back From Rei? Rei’s Refund Policy

Yes, you will get a refund from Rei. Once your return request is submitted successfully, within 10 additional days from your return, the amount will be credited to your bank account from Rei. 

How To Contact The Rei Customer Service Team?

If you need any kind of help related to Rei Order, then you can contact the Rei Customer Service team at any time. Following are the modes to contact their team. 

  1. For urgent issues, call their team at (1-800-426-4840) for U.S. Callers and (1-253-891-2500) for International Callers
  1. For non-urgent issues, Contact their team via Email.
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  1. Rei Customer Service Chat


That’s it!! Be careful, while ordering something from Rei because order cancelations are not allowed in Rei. You only have the option to return your order or get help from the Rei customer service team and request them to cancel the order. 

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