How To Cancel Island Car Wash Membership?

Cancel Island Car Wash

You might wish to cancel your Island Car Wash membership if you have found a better alternative or if they have increased their prices. But if you need clarification on the cancellation process of Island Car Wash, then this guide is for you.

Island Car Wash is a very popular company in Singapore for car wash and other car-related services. They offer different packages of exterior, express, and full cleaning services, and the best part is your car gets towel-dried.

Island Car Wash membership or monthly pass can be terminated via call or email before the billing cycle ends. You must go through this guide for complete step-by-step instructions.

How Can I Cancel Island Car Wash Membership Via Calling?

You can easily terminate your Island Car Wash monthly pass or membership by contacting customer support via call to this number (904) 337-1469. You should take care of a few things before contacting them, you must cancel your membership before your current billing cycle ends.

Before calling the customer service team make sure to keep your pass details handy. Once you have connected with the service representative, you can request them to terminate your services. You will need to provide them with the account details to verify. Your monthly membership with Island Car Wash will be terminated.

How Can I Cancel Island Car Wash Membership Via Email?

Alternatively, you can cancel your Island Car Wash membership by sending a request email to [email protected]. Please make sure to send the email a few days before your current monthly pass expires, to avoid any extra charges or fees. 

Write an email to the customer service team of Island Car Wash requesting the termination of your monthly pass. In the subject, write Cancel Island Car Wash, and in the body of the email you should mention your personal information and monthly pass details along with the reason for the termination. You must ask for a confirmation email as well.

What Are The Customers’ Reviews On Island Car Wash?

Customers’ reviews can help you decide whether the services are worth it or not. If you are unsure whether you should cancel the membership or not, you must go through the customer reviews. 

Island Car Wash has mixed reviews from the customers, on some websites the reviews are positive while on some there are complaints and negative reviews. We have picked up some of the reviews for you to have a look at.

  • A customer had a great experience and he wrote that the staff was very helpful and kind.
  • Everything is perfect except for the fact that they didn’t accept the coupons.
  • They charged a lot and didn’t clean the car properly.
  • They keep changing the prices.
  • A customer got a platinum service but his car was not even cleaned properly and there was dust on the dashboard.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Island Car Wash Membership Cost?

Their membership costs $16.99 approx which includes unlimited exterior car washes for a month.

What Happens If Island Car Wash Increases Their Prices?

All the members will be notified regarding the changes in the prices in advance and they can either cancel the membership or pay the updated prices.


The cancelation process can be easy if you have accurate information on how to cancel the services. This guide will provide you with information on how to cancel your Island Car Wash membership in a few easy steps.

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