How To Cancel Hastings Direct Insurance Policy?

how to cancel hastings direct

It seems like you gonna cancel Hastings Direct insurance policy, but does not know about its cancelation procedure properly. Then, Don’t Worry, because we are here with this problem-solving article in which we discussed its cancelation method in detail along with certain important related topics. 

If you are looking for a better insurance policy, then you can go for Hastings Direct. This company offers you these kinds of insurance policies- Multi-Car, Home, Bike, and Van Insurance. If you already take its policy and now you want to cancel it for some reason, then you can do so by knowing some things which we will discuss later. 

The only and the most possible way to cancel your Hastings Direct Insurance Policy is by contacting their customer support service team over a phone call and with proper discussion with them, you are able to make your cancelation possible. 

How To Cancel Hastings Direct Insurance Policy?

If you are thinking of leaving Hastings Direct Insurance Policy, then you need to speak to one of their team members regarding the process of your policy cancelation. To complete your cancelation process, first, make a call on their number at 0333 321 9801 and wait for their team member to connect you on a call. Once connected, you can talk to them about canceling your policy and they will provide you with the best methods to help you with this. 

That’s it guys!! The only and the most possible method to cancel your Hastings Direct Policy is by getting help from their team and canceling your policy. You can contact them on their opening hours- 

Hastings Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday 8 am to 7 pm

Saturday 9 am to 5 pm

Sunday 9 am to 1 pm

Bank Holidays 9 am to 5 pm

Does Hastings Direct Charge Any Cancelation Fees?

This is one of the most important topics that comes to everyone’s mind when it comes to canceling your Hastings Direct Policy. Before making a cancelation, you need to first understand its cancelation policies about cancelation fees. 

If we sum up this topic within a few words, then Yes, Direct Hastings charges you up to $45 for canceling your policy with them. But, not for everyone, under some special circumstances, you need to pay a cancelation fee. Let’s take a look below for a better understanding of Hastings car insurance cancellation fees

  • Cancel your Policy within the cooling-off period (14 days) after your policy starts, then you will charge no cancelation fee ($0) {Applicable on all policies}
  • Cancel your policy after 14 days, then you have to pay $45 as a cancelation fee {Applicable for car, bike, or van policy}
  • Cancel your home policy after 14 days, a cancelation fee of $35 is applicable
  • The company charges you a fee of $45 if you are failed to send them important information that is required at the time of cancelation
  • If you receive a cancellation or price change notice for your YouDrive policy as a result of your driving data, then there is no need to pay any cancelation fee. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will You Get Hastings Direct Cancel Policy Refund?

Hastings Direct does not give you a refund for any fees (arrangement or incurred) before canceling the policy. However, extra money is refundable. 

How To Cancel Hastings Car Insurance Online?

No, you are not able to cancel your Hastings Direct Policy online, as their company does not provide you with an online cancelation method. However, you can only cancel it by making a call to Hastings Direct Phone Number

How To Contact Hastings Direct Customer Service?

To get instant support from their team, you can make a call on their customer service number at 0333 999 8904. You can get immediate assistance from their team regarding any issue. 

You can contact Hastings Direct Team in the following ways-

By writing to their team at-

Hastings Direct

Conquest House

Collington Avenue


East Sussex

TN39 3LW


No more confusion while canceling your Hastings Direct Insurance Policy. Don’t waste your time on the online cancelation, just make a simple call to Hastings Customer Service Team and end up canceling your policy, by paying some amount of cancelation fee (if applicable). Also Know, how to cancel Liberty Mutual Policy.

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