How To Cancel Pica AI Subscription?

cancel pica ai

You can get many AI Platforms on the browser, and Pica AI is also one of them. It lets you discover the different types of AI Art drawings by choosing from styles like- Face Swap, Oil Painting, Cartoon, Sketch, Anime, ID Photo, and many more. 

But, it seems like, you have already used the Pica, and it couldn’t draw the image as per you want. So, you want to cancel the Pica AI Subscription and we are here to provide you help with this. 

You can cancel the Pica AI Subscription by logging into your Pica Account and finding the Unsubscribe button within your Account Profile. 

If you are having trouble looking for the Unsubscribe option, then we have some more ways for you to cancel the Pica AI Subscription. 

Pica AI Subscription Pricing

Pica AI Subscription Pricing

You can get the 8 credits for free per day on Pica. If you have used all of your free credits for a single day, then to get 8 credits more on your Pica Account, you have to wait for the other day. 

But, if you have some important work, and you cannot wait till the next day, then you can go for its premium subscription plan. 

You can take the Pica AI Subscription either on its Weekly Plan or Annual Plan. Here is the price list of the Pica AI Subscription. 

  • Pica Weekly Plan: Its cost is $3.99 per week and you will get 400 credits on this plan. 
  • Pica Annual Plan: Its cost is $0.77 per week ($39.99 billed yearly) with 20000 credits. 

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How To Cancel Pica AI Subscription?

You can cancel your Pica AI Subscription from your Pica Account. Go to the Pica Website> Login to the Pica Account> Navigate to the Account Profile> Find the option to Unsubscribe Pica> Click on the unsubscribe option. 

After unsubscribing from the Pica Plan, you can still use your subscription credits until the current subscription term expires. 

How To Cancel Pica AI Via Email?

Pica AI customer service Email Address is also available to get connected with their team in case of any issue. 

You can use the Email contact method to submit your subscription cancelation request to their team. 

For this, you just need to create a simple cancelation email with a proper subject line, relevant details, and your correct contact information. 

Send that Email to [email protected] and wait for their team to contact you and provide you assistance to cancel your subscription. 

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How To Cancel Pica AI Subscription From iOS?

Follow these simple steps to cancel your Pica AI subscription from your iOS or iPhone device- 

  1. Open the iPhone Settings
  2. Click on your Apple ID from the top
  3. Select the Subscriptions option
  4. Choose the Pica AI Subscription under the active subscriptions section
  5. Click on the Cancel Subscription
  6. Tap on the Confirm button

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Downgrade My Pica AI Plan?

Unfortunately, there is no direct way to downgrade the Pica Plan. To switch or downgrade the plan, you have to cancel your current subscription and then purchase the new plan. 

Can I Use Pica AI For Free?

Every day you will get 8 free credits on this platform to use Pica AI. 

How To Contact Pica AI Customer Service?

You can join the Pica Discord Community to get connected with the Pica Team. Go to the Pica Website and click Join the Discord option from the top of the screen. 
For general queries or questions, you can Email their team at [email protected] 


We can now conclude this article with this information, that canceling the Pica AI Subscription is not a difficult task. If you are an iPhone user, then you can simply cancel the subscription from your settings. 

Otherwise, the online or Email methods are also very effective. In case, you did not receive any confirmation message about cancelation, then you can contact the Pica Team and discuss your issues with them.

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