How To Cancel Boost AI Subscription? Easiest Way To Cancel!!

How To Cancel Boost AI Subscription? Easiest Way To Cancel!!

It seems like your business does not require the conversational AI system that you generated with Boost AI. So, you are going to cancel Boost AI Subscription. 

Boost AI is the best AI conversational platform that can create a customized virtual conversational agent to talk to your customers and provide a good deal for your business. 

You can cancel your Boost AI Subscription by getting in touch with their customer service team and asking them to cancel the subscription. 

What contact method is available to reach out to the Boost AI service team? Well!! To know this you have to read this article. 

What Is

Well!! Whether you have a new business or an old one, to grow your business more, Boost AI offers the best AI services to its customers.

Most business people take its subscription and generate high-quality conversational virtual AI agents for their business, that can be used in their business customer support. 

Banking, Finance, Telecommunications, Government companies, and IT sectors are using the Boost AI platform. 

How To Cancel Boost AI Subscription?

How To Cancel Boost AI Subscription? Easiest Way To Cancel- How To Cancel Boost AI Subscription?

When you find out that Boost AI is no longer helpful for your business, then you decide to cancel its subscription. 

To cancel your Boost AI Subscription, you can send a contact request to their customer service team by filling out the Boost AI Contact Form

Fill out these attributes of the Form- First Name, Last Name, Work Email, Phone Number, Job title, Company, Location, and Message. 

When you are done, tap on the “Submit” button and your form is submitted to their team. 

After receiving your form, their team will contact you and then you will ask them to cancel the Boost AI Subscription. 

Boost AI Alternatives

If you canceled your Boost AI Account and want to try out some new services. Then, you can try out these best alternatives to Boost AI. 


Tidio is the most common AI platform mostly used by Sales companies. It offers live chat and chatbot services in one place. 

Companies use the Tidio platform to communicate with their customers and to know them about their sales and company details. 


ManyChat is another conversational AI platform that can generate AI bots for Facebook Messenger for marketing purposes.

Its Free Version is available. You can try out its services and then decide whether to proceed with this platform or not.


Smartsupp is an AI platform that provides both human and chatbot services to benefit businesses. 

With this platform, you can live chat with your customers or visitors to offer sales to them.


Haptik is the largest conversational AI platform of 2023, used by almost all large and developed businesses. 

This platform creates an intelligent virtual agent that can manage the purchase cycle as well as the customer support of the company. 


Boost AI provides a user-friendly interface, which is why it is loved by many people. If you have already explored Boost AI a lot, then you can cancel it at any time. 

Follow with a simple Contact Form, get connected with their team, and cancel your Boost AI Subscription. Hope this method works for you. You can also cancel the Imagica Subscription.

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