How To Cancel OSN Subscription?

Cancel OSN Subscription

You must have subscribed to OSN to watch your favorite shows but are you planning to continue with the service plan or have you found another better option to watch your shows? If you are here to cancel your OSN Subscription then we will show you how it’s done. 

OSN or the Orbit Showtime Network is a satellite TV company in Saudi Arabia. On this streaming platform, one can get access to movies, shows, and even original content. The application is available for Android devices, and iOS platforms, and can also be used via the website. 

You may cancel your OSN+ subscription from their official website by going to the Settings section and then Manage Subscription. Users can also cancel the subscription on their Android and iOS devices. 

How To Cancel OSN Subscription?

There are different modes to cancel your subscription to OSN and it depends on how and where you purchased the subscription plan from. These modes can help you cancel. 

Cancel OSN+ Subscription From Website

1. Visit OSN  official and then use your credentials to log in.  

2. Move to the Settings section on the page and choose the option to Manage Subscription. 

3. You will now see the Cancel Subscription link on the page, click it to proceed. 

4. After that, you might be asked to fill out a cancellation survey so after completing that, confirm your cancellation request. 

Cancel OSN+ Subscription On iOS Platform

1. Launch the Settings application on your iOS device and tap on your name. 

2. Sign in to your Apple ID if you haven’t already. 

3. Navigate to the Subscriptions section and search for your OSN subscription there. 

4. Tap it when you find your OSN subscription and then scroll down the page till you find the Cancel Subscription option. 

5. Hit the Cancel Subscription button and confirm the procedure. 

Cancel OSN+ Subscription On Android

1. Did you purchase your OSN+ subscription on your Android device via the Google Play Store? No worries, you can cancel it from there too. 

2. Open the Google Play Store app on your device and hit your profile icon, present on the top right of your screen page. 

3. This will show the options menu and from there, you have to select Payments & Subscriptions. 

4. Now go to Subscriptions and you will find all your active subscriptions there. Look for OSN+ Subscription. 

5. After finding your desired subscription, hit the Cancel Subscription button and confirm the procedure. 

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Cancel OSN+ Subscription Through Mobile Operator

If you have purchased the subscription through a mobile operator then you must visit This Page and find all the region-specific mobile operator options. You can select your region and mobile operator and then open the link provided and cancel the subscription as told there. 

How Do I Remove My Credit Card From OSN?

You can easily change your payment mode or remove your credit card from OSN via the official website. 

1. Go to the MyOSN web portal and log in to your account using your credentials. 

2. Now hit the My Account tab on your screen page and then scroll the page till you get to the Payment Card Details section. 

3. Click the Update Credit/Debit Card button at the bottom and change, remove, update, or make any changes you desire. 

How Can I Contact OSN Customer Support?

Users will be able to contact the OSN Customer Service department by dialing their help number 800-888676. You can look for other region-specific contact details here. They also offer a Live Chat option to the users so you can also contact their Chat Support for help. 

Wrap Up

If you feel that you’ve watched all your favorite shows on the OSN streaming platform or don’t want to continue with this subscription anymore then following the steps that we have mentioned above will help you with cancellation. 

You can also change, update, or remove your payment method on the OSN account. If your queries persist then contact the OSN Customer Support team and they will help you with your queries or other requirements. 

Cancelling your subscriptions and memberships will become hassle free with easy to digest "How-to" articles by Rachel.

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