How To Cancel Old Navy Credit Card? Effective Ways That Help

cancel old navy credit card

Are you using your Old Navy Credit Card frequently or haven’t looked at it for a long time? You probably didn’t get the time, right? Well, if you are sure that you won’t be using the credit card anymore then it is better to cancel your card and we can help you with that.

The Old Navy Credit Card or the Navyist Rewards Credit Card provides you with points anytime you shop at Old Navy. A discount of almost 30% is available on your first purchase and offers and rewards never end. But if you aren’t using it, then cancel it immediately. 

Members can cancel their Old Navy Credit Card by contacting their Customer Support team via a phone call. They can also dial the number on the back of their card to cancel the credit card service easily. 

How To Cancel Old Navy Credit Card?

To cancel your Old Navy Credit Card, you will have to contact the Customer Support team and they will process your request.

Cancel Old Navy Credit Card Via Phone Call

1. A common mode to cancel a credit card is by contacting the Support team through phone call and a similar procedure can help here too. 

2. Dial the Customer Support number (866) 928-8598 for canceling your Old Navy Credit Card and this will connect you to a representative. 

3. You can tell them that you are planning to cancel your Old Navy Credit Card and there are high chances that they will ask you a reason for the same so do prepare an effective reason. 

4. Give them your credit card number, your card details, your personal information, and all the details that may require to terminate your card service. 

5. Now follow the steps as they say and your card will be canceled. 

Cancel Old Navy Credit Card Via Mail

1. If your Old Navy Credit Card was issued prior to 2022 then you can also send a letter to Synchrony Bank and request them to cancel your credit card. 

2. Write down a letter where you request them to cancel your Old Navy Credit Card. Provide your card details, credit card number, personal details, and information needed to cancel your card. 

3. When you are done writing the letter, mail it to 

Synchrony Bank

P.O. Box 965003

Orlando, FL 32896-5003

4. Those who wish to cancel their credit card that was issued after 2022 can send a mail to Barclays Bank. 

5. After completion of the letter, it can be mailed to 


P.O. Box 70378

Philadelphia, PA 19176

Cancel Old Navy Credit Card- FAQs

Does Old Navy Credit Card Have An Annual Fee?

No, Old Navy does not have an annual fee. Card members may even get numerous special offers and also have presale access to sales with the Old Navy Credit Card. 

How Can I Make Old Navy Credit Card Payments?

To manage your account, pay your bills, or make payments, you will have to log in to your Old Navy account. There, you will be able to make your payments and also check your FICO score. 

How Can I Contact Old Navy Credit Card Customer Service?

If you want to contact Old Navy Credit Card Customer Service for help then you can dial their support number 1 (866) 621-0532. You can also visit the Old Navy Contact Us page for more contact details.

Wrap Up

Old Navy Credit Card may be beneficial for regular shoppers as it provides various offers, discounts, and other perks. 

But if you don’t shop there frequently and wish to cancel the card then following the steps discussed above can help. Get access to their Customer Service for more information. 

Cancelling your subscriptions and memberships will become hassle free with easy to digest "How-to" articles by Rachel.

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