How To Cancel Amazon Marketplace? Quick Cancellation Steps!

cancel amazon marketplace

If you are not using Amazon Marketplace as much then there is no need to continue with the platform. Whether you wish to cancel your Amazon Marketplace subscription or your Seller’s account, you can get the effective steps of cancellation here. 

Amazon Marketplace is a part of the popular e-commerce platform Amazon and allows third-party sellers to directly sell new or used products to consumers. It is a seller-oriented platform and enables sellers to sell the products on their own and have to pay a referral fee to Amazon. 

You can cancel your Amazon Marketplace account by signing in to your Amazon Seller account and navigating to the Settings page. Customers can also cancel their AWS Amazon Marketplace Subscription by going to the Manage Subscriptions page. 

What Is Amazon Marketplace Subscription?

Amazon Marketplace or AWS Marketplace subscription is a digital catalog by Amazon that users can try to buy, find, and also manage the third-party software, services, data, and more that you may need for the functioning of your business. 

It includes a list of numerous software to go through and use. The pricing options are flexible and you can choose the service you require in just a few clicks. 

How To Cancel Amazon Marketplace Seller’s Account?

1. You will first have to Sign In to your Amazon Seller Account and then navigate to the Settings page. 

2. From the available options, select the Account Info tab. This will show you your current Account status and information. 

3. On the page, you will see the Close Account option under the Account Management tab, click it. 

4. Now from the next page, select the Request Account Closure option. 

5. Follow the steps as prompted and confirm your account closure request. 

How To Cancel AWS Marketplace Subscription?

1. You can cancel your software subscription and for that, you will have to sign in to the AWS Marketplace. 

2. Now select Manage Subscriptions and this will open the Manage Subscriptions page. 

3. You will see a list of your software subscriptions, choose the one you wish to cancel and select Manage next to it. 

4. Go to the Actions tab and then select the Cancel subscription option. 

5. Again choose  Yes, cancel subscription, and confirm the procedure. 

How To Cancel AWS Free Tier?

To stop your AWS Free Tier charges, you will have to:

1. Visit the Billing and Cost Management console and select the Free Tier section. 

2. Now choose Bills from the panel on the left side and then go to the Details section. 

3. This will show you the AWS services that are charging you. And after you finally find the resources billing you, it is now time to stop the charges. 

4. You can terminate all the instances by going to the Manage Subscriptions page and choosing Manage next to the one you wish to stop. 

5. Now choose the Actions option from the drop-down menu and select View instances. 

6. You must now select the Region of the Instance you wish to terminate. This will open the  Amazon EC2 console and will show your Instances in that region. 

7. After you select the Instance ID, choose the Terminate instance option from the Instance state dropdown menu. 

Select Terminate again when asked to confirm and you are done. 

Wrap Up

Amazon Marketplace can let you sell products, used or new, directly to customers for fixed prices.

 And if you tried the service and now wish to cancel your subscription or account then follow the steps as directed above and cancel Amazon Marketplace. 

You can also visit Amazon official for queries related to your orders or more. 

Cancelling your subscriptions and memberships will become hassle free with easy to digest "How-to" articles by Rachel.

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