How To Cancel Mailchimp Subscription? Cancel In 8 Steps!!

How To Cancel Mailchimp Subscription?

If you are someone who recently started a fresh business and want to grow your business to another level, then Mailchimp is going to be very helpful for you. First, try using its services, and after some time if you want to cancel Mailchimp, you can easily do so. 

Mailchimp is an online marketing platform that helps users to grow their businesses at an extreme level with their unique marketing technology and excellent customer support service. You can check out the complete information on the Mailchimp Website. 

To cancel your Mailchimp paid subscription plan, you need to permanently close your Mailchimp account from its account settings. 

Mailchimp Subscription Pricing

Mailchimp provides you with their Free Plan in which you use the services of a Mailchimp account with fewer benefits and your Mailchimp Account is considered the Free Account. 

Mailchimp has 4 types of plans. Take a look at this table for Mailchimp Subscription Pricing. 

$0Rs 192.50 per month (12 months)Rs 287.50 per month (12 months)Rs 5,750 per month (12 months)

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How To Cancel Mailchimp Subscription? Mailchimp Cancellation Policy

If you no longer want to continue with the services of your paid Mailchimp account, then you need to permanently close your account which will automatically cancel your paid plan and your account will be deleted permanently. 

Before closing your account, any outstanding balance or fee needs to be cleared. 

Follow these steps to cancel your Mailchimp Account. 

  1. Login to your Mailchimp Account and tap on your profile, then go to the Account section
  1. Select Settings from the drop-down menu and click on the pause or delete account button
  1. Tap Permanently delete this account and tap on the Continue button
  1. Fill up the survey form and exit from it. If you select “It is too expensive” as your reason for losing your account, then you will get an option to chat with their team. 
  1. Once you are done, enter your account password and tap on Permanently Delete Account
  1. Type DELETE from the Confirm Account Deletion pop-up menu
  1. Then, tap on the Delete Your Account button to close your account permanently 
  1. An account Deletion message will be shown on your screen. 

How To Downgrade Mailchimp Account?

If currently, you are using the Mailchimp Paid account, which does not satisfy your needs, then you can downgrade your account to its free version and start using the Mailchimp Free Account at $0. 

Follow these steps to downgrade your Mailchimp Account. 

  1. Login to your Mailchimp Account and tap on your profile, then go to the Account section
  1. Tap on the Billing option from the drop-down menu, and then select Monthly plans or credits 
  1. Select Change Plan from the Marketing Plan section
  1. Select your Plan and contact limit
  1. Tap on the Downgrade option
  1. Review your downgrade carefully. They will show you all the things about downgrading your account and what you will have to access in your free account.
  1. If you are confirmed for your downgrade selection, tap on the confirmation checkbox 
  1. Click on the Downgrade button from the Estimate for your future plan sidebar. 
  1. When your new billing cycle starts, your account will go into the downgrade state and you will not be billed for that cycle. 

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How To Pause Mailchimp Account? How Long Can I Pause My Mailchimp Account?

You can pause billing for your Mailchimp Plan if you have a monthly subscription plan and won’t need to send any campaigns for some time. You may pause your account for as long as necessary, but you may only do so twice every 12 months. 

Follow these steps to pause your Mailchimp Account. 

  1. Login to your Mailchimp Account and tap on your profile, then go to the Account section
  1. Select Settings from the drop-down menu and tap on Pause or Delete account
  1. Tap on the Temporarily pause billing radio option
  1. Tap on Pause Account
  1. A Pause Account pop-up menu will be displayed on your screen, you can review the pause changes happening in your account from that window. 
  1. Type PAUSE and click the Pause Your Plan option 
  1. A confirmation message about pausing your account will be displayed on the screen 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Get A Refund From Mailchimp?

Mailchimp does not offer you a refund after you cancel your subscription. You will get a refund only in that case if you face any kind of malfunction or technical problem in your account. 

How To Contact Mailchimp Customer Service?

For any queries, you can contact their customer service team by making a call on their number at +1 (800) 315-5939 or you can use its Live Chat feature by tapping on the “Chat with us” option from the bottom right side of Mailchimp Website. 


Mailchimp provides you with marketing developing ideas day to day, but if you are facing any problem being its user, then you are allowed to cancel your Mailchimp subscription with the steps we explained above. 

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