How To Cancel DSW Shoe Order? DSW Shoe Return Policy!!

How To Cancel DSW Shoe Order? DSW Shoe Return Policy!!

It seems like you really liked the amazing collection of DSW Shoes, that’s why you can’t stop yourself from purchasing them. But, it leads to unnecessary shopping and money wastage. 

So, if you realize this thing, we must tell you that you can cancel the DSW Shoe order if it is unnecessary with the methods discussed in this article. 

DSW is an online footwear store that brings amazing footwear collections for both men and women by keeping your style and fashion in mind. You can check out these footwear on the DSW Website. 

You have three ways to cancel your DSW order- 

  • Call
  • Live Chat
  • Email

All these steps are discussed in detail below. You can read the article for a better understanding of these cancellation steps.

How To Cancel DSW Shoe Order Over The Phone?

If you want to cancel any Order before it is delivered to you, then calling is the best and fastest method of all. Fortunately, DSW also offers a phone number service for its customers in case of urgency. 

So, to cancel your DSW order, just dial the DSW customer service phone number 1.866.379.7463 and get connected with their team member after some minutes on a call. 

Ask them to cancel your order by providing them with your order details. If your order can be canceled, they will cancel it soon and you will be notified about the cancelation. 

DSW Customer Service Hours

Monday-Friday 7 am to 10 pm

Saturday 10 am to 10 pm

Sunday 12 pm to 9 pm.

How To Cancel DSW Order Via Live Chat?

How To Cancel DSW Shoe Order? DSW Shoe Return Policy- How To Cancel DSW Order Via Live Chat?

A Live Chat option is also available to get connected with the DSW team and request them to cancel your order. You can use this method, in any case, you are not able to get connected with their team on a phone call. 

For this, go to the DSW customer service page and tap on the “Live Chat” link from the right side under the “Contact Us” section. A small Live Chat screen will be displayed on the left side. 

Start the Chat by typing your name and your chat with the agent goes on until they cancel your order. 

How To Cancel DSW Order Via Email?

The last method to cancel your order is by sending a cancelation notice to their team via Email. Composed an Email and mentioned clearly in that Email that you want to cancel your order. 

Don’t forget to mention your order details and contact information in the Email. At last, send that email to [email protected] and wait for their confirmation. 

If you get no response from their team by Email, then make a direct call to their available customer service phone number. 

DSW Shoe Return Policy

How To Cancel DSW Shoe Order? DSW Shoe Return Policy- DSW Shoe Return Policy

Well!! Apart from cancellation, you are also allowed to return your DSW order within 90 days of its purchase. Make sure that your Return product should not be damaged, worn, or dirty before initiating the Return Process. 

You have 3 ways to return your order. Take a look at this table for DSW Return Policy methods. 

DSW VIP StatusNon-membersDSW VIP ClubDSW VIP GoldDSW VIP Elite
Return By Mail90 days90 days90 days365 days
Online Returns$8.50 shipping fee$8.50 shipping feeFreeFree
In-Store ReturnsFreeFreeFreeFree

In-Store Returns

In this, you can go to any of your nearest DSW Stores and return your product within 90 days of its delivery. The Return is absolutely free and you will get an instant refund for your order at the store. 

Online Returns

Initiate the Online Return by entering your Order Number and email. If you are a non-member or DSW VIP member, then you have to pay an $8.50 shipping fee for online returns. 

Return By Mail

You have 90 days to return your product via Mail. Print a Return label and ship the Return item back to their team via Mail on their Mailing Address. Within 7-10 days you will get your refund for the returned order. 

DSW Mailing Address

DSW Customer Service

810 DSW Drive

Columbus, Ohio, 43219

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Get A DSW Refund?

Yes, on successful completion of your Return Process, you will get the refund of that order. Generally, the refund takes 7-10 working days to get back to you, but in the case of In-Store Returns, you will get an instant refund. 

How Do I Cancel My DSW Account?

If you have a DSW VIP Account, then call DSW customer service number 1.866.379.7463 and ask them to cancel the account. 

Can I Exchange A DSW Item?

Yes, you can get a free exchange of your item from DSW via Mail. 

How To Contact DSW Customer Service?

You have three ways to contact the DSW Customer Service team- By calling at 1.866.379.7463 or via Email to [email protected]. You can do Live Chatting with their team agent from their customer service page. 


We hope that we are able to make you understand the DSW cancellation and return policy. All the methods are working and easy to use. So, that you won’t face any difficulty while canceling.

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