How To Cancel Lumen Fiber? 4 Sure Ways To Cancel! 

Cancel Lumen Fiber

Optimize your work and pull out full productivity with 1 Gbps high internet speed with Lumen Fiber. You can enjoy speedy downloads and digital buying experience and that too at cheaper rates.

Looks like you have already used the Lumen network and found a better alternative to this one. In case you wish to cancel, then we are here to help you.

You can cancel Lumen Fiber connection by contacting the customer service helpline at 8553378102. If that doesn’t work for you, then here are 3 other ways to cancel your plan.

Keep reading the article till the end to know the detailed cancellation process.

How To Cancel Lumen Fiber Via Email?

Now that you have made up your mind to switch to another internet connection, it’s time for you to follow these steps to cancel your Lumen services.

You need to write a cancellation request to the Lumen customer service email at [email protected]. In the email mention your subscription details, your registered email, and your contact information.

Then send the Lumen disconnect request to the service team and wait for their confirmation. It usually takes 3-5 business days to process. 

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How To Cancel Lumen Fiber On Call?

Another way to cancel Lumen Fiber connection is by contacting the Lumen customer service contact number at 8553378102.

On the call address your cancellation request to the service executive and seek assistance. Provide them with the necessary details regarding your subscription and wait for their confirmation.

The service executive will cancel your plan and you will get an email confirming your cancellation.

How To Cancel Lumen Fiber By Filling The Contact Us Form?

If the above-mentioned ways don’t work for you, don’t worry!

Lumen offers a 24×7 customer helpline via their Contact Us form. You need to fill out the contact form given by the operators.

In the form, you will be asked to fill in your account number or unique EID. After that fill in your name, contact number, company, and registered email address.

Provide your postal code, and select a query type from the drop-down menu. Finally, in the “Description of issue” box, you can fill in your cancellation request and the reason for your cancellation.

Agree to the information provided and click “Submit” to send your request. You’ll be shortly contacted by the team regarding your query.

How To Cancel Lumen Fiber Online via Live Chat?

There’s a Live Chat option available on the Lumen website where you can seek help 24/7 from the customer service team.

Just visit the Lumen Fiber wesbite page and scroll down to find the Live Chat option. Start the live chat by filling in your name, email, and mobile number.

Then the executive/chatbot will ask you questions regarding your account cancellation. Provide them with the details and wait for their confirmation.

Once the customer service team confirms the provided details from their side, they’ll take quick action to cancel the subscription for you.

Lumen Fiber live chat

Best Alternatives To Lumen Fiber

Best Alternatives To Lumen Fiber

Now that you have cancelled Lumen Fiber, here are the best alternatives to this fiber connection that you can try!

1. Xfinity

Choosing Xfinity can make your life much easier as you get a reliable internet connection, phone services, and TV connection all in one place.

Not only that you get faster internet access and access to a variety of entertaining channels. Whether you are working from home, talking to your loved ones, or streaming your favorite shows, the service packages and Xfinity customer service make it all worth it for you.

2. Charter Spectrum

With Charter Spectrum you get a wide range of flexible plans and high-speed internet access. You can stream shows, play games, and enjoy telecom services with this internet service.

3. Optimum by Altice

For your simple needs and quality internet access, Optimum provides a blend of high-resolution internet for all your needs. Make your digital life way better with Optimim By Atice!

Among these three, I personally have used Xfinity services, and these stand out to your needs. So do give these network services a try!

Wrap Up

Hopefully, the above-mentioned steps will be helpful for you to cancel your Lumen Fiber connection within no time. It’s better to contact Lumen customer service for better assistance.

If you have any other queries regarding your Lumen subscription, feel free to contact us through the comments section below. We are happy to help you.

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