How To Cancel Your Lenovo Order? 7 Quick Cancellation Steps!

How To Cancel Your Lenovo Order?

Did you place an important and expensive order on Lenovo and then found out that you could have a similar product with the same features from some other brand? Then you should immediately cancel your respective Lenovo order and get your money back to use it at the right place. 

Lenovo lets its customers purchase the products either from the outlets or directly through its shopping website where one can find all their items including laptops, desktop computers, tablet computers, servers, workstations, smartphones, electronic storage devices, supercomputers, smart TVs, as well as IT management software. 

To cancel an order from Lenovo, you will need to go to their website and open the Order Lookup page where you can enter your order number and email and submit it for receiving a link for your order’s description and details. There you can easily cancel the order.

There are certain eligibility criteria about which orders of Lenovo are allowed to be canceled and which time period is allowed for the cancelation, so if you want to know further in detail, then keep reading this article.  

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How To Cancel Your Lenovo Order? Cancel Lenovo Order Before It Ships!

If you have placed an order from Lenovo and it has not been shipped yet, then here are the steps that you can follow in order to cancel it and get your money back for the same.

1. First of all, you will be required to visit the Order Lookup page of Lenovo.

2. There you will have to enter your order information, that is, your order number for the order you want to cancel.

3. In the next box, provide your email address. 

4. Click on the “Send Secure Link To My Email” button at the end. 

5. Now, a secure link shall be generated and sent to you via email through which you can access your order’s details. Through this, you can track as well as manage your order. 

6. On the Order Details page, you will find the cancel option for your respective order, select it and follow up.

7. As a result, you will be notified via email as soon as your order is canceled successfully. 

Remember that your cancelation request shall first be reviewed and will only be approved if you are eligible for the cancelation of the product. 

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What Is The Cancelation Policy Of Lenovo Orders?

The orders from Lenovo can be canceled only and only if they have not been shipped yet. Once the order has been shipped, you will not be allowed to cancel it. 

Apart from this, if you have ordered any software which is delivered electronically, you will not be able to cancel it at any point because such orders do not require any shipment. 

Moreover, there are chances that Lenovo will cancel your order from their side where the reasons can include the following: 

1. In the case that they are unable to ship the product to the address you have provided. 

2. In the case that the payment method you selected is not accepted, or was declined due to some reason.

3. In the case that there is any kind of error at their end in their inventory, website, or their internal system.

4. In the case that they are unable to verify the information you have provided related to your billing address, the shipping address, and the payment information. 

5. In the case that the product is unavailable at the time you ordered it or if there is any kind of typographic or pricing error. 

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How To Return Lenovo Orders?

If you have been late in canceling your order on Lenovo as it has already been shipped, you have no other choice but to receive the order. However, once you have received the product, you have the option to return it, which becomes the same as the cancelation of the order as you become eligible for the refund amount. 

If you have placed a Lenovo order from Lenovo Outlet, then you have a period of 30 calendar days to return the item. 

If you have purchased the product from the Lenovo outlet, then you have 14 calendar days to return the same. 

In the case of LenovoPRO, you are allowed to return the order within 45 days of receiving the product. 

And in the case of Motorola, you are only given 14 calendar days to return the order. 

Once you initiate the return of your order, and it is processed, you will receive an email regarding the same within 48 hours from that which will contain the details including your Return Authorization Number, return shipping label, and the next steps towards returning the product. 

Wrapping Up

So, here we are, concluding our article in the hope that you have attained all the necessary information and procedure that you had been looking for with respect to the Lenovo order that you are planning to cancel. If there is any other order that you have placed on a different platform and now wish to cancel, just let us know and we shall assist you with the same.

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