How To Cancel Learn Our History Subscription With 4 Easy Ways?

how to Cancel Learn Our History

Are you fed up with paying for a subscription to Learn Our History that you never use? It can be a hassle to cancel your subscription, regardless of whether you’ve found a better alternative or simply no longer have the time for it. But have no fear—we have got this! You can easily cancel Learn Our History subscription by following the steps in this article.

An American educational platform called Learn Our History provides kids with entertaining and educational videos that teach them about American history. By bringing history to life for children, the platform hopes to inspire a love of learning. If you are confused about the right steps for canceling your Learn Our History Subscription, then we will discuss some effective cancelation ways for your help. 

If you are a Learn Our History subscriber, then you can cancel your subscription at any time online by tapping on the Cancel Subscription button. You can reach out to their customer service team to know more about the cancelation process and to get their help. 

How To Set Up Learn Our History Member Account?

Visit to create your member account, then log in with your email address as your username and create a password by clicking the “Need a password or forget yours?” link. This will allow you access to their upcoming video lessons and digital workbooks. After creating your account and logging in, you can choose “Video Lessons” and click the link to the video you want to watch as it becomes available. 

How To Cancel Learn Our History Subscription Over The Phone?

One of the most convenient ways to get in touch with their Customer Support Service Team is by calling on their phone number at (877) 874-4786 from Monday to Friday 8 am to 5 pm. 

Follow these simple steps to cancel your Learn Our History Subscription over the phone.

  1. Wait for a representative to pick up the phone when you call the customer service number.
  1. Tell the agent that you want to stop receiving the subscription.
  1. Any information required, such as your account number or email address, should be given in order to confirm your identity and cancel the subscription.
  1. To complete the cancellation process, adhere to the representative’s further instructions.

How To Cancel Learn Our History Subscription Via Email?

If you don’t want to talk directly to their team on a phone call, then the other option for you is to reach out to their service team through Email. You need to write a proper email regarding your cancelation along with all necessary subscription and personal details. Send that composed letter to Learn Our History Customer Service Email Address which is [email protected] 

How To Cancel Learn Our History Subscription Via Contact Form?

Learn Our History also provide you with their Contact Form to reach them out easily. If you are deciding to cancel your Learn Our History Subscription, then you can make use of their contact form to connect with their team and ask for their help in canceling your subscription.

Follow these steps to cancel your Learn Our History Subscription through their Contact Via. 

  1. Go to the Learn Our History Contact Support Page.
  1. Your name, email address, and a brief message asking to have your subscription canceled should be entered into the contact form.
  1. Fill out the Subject Field with Cancel Subscription which clearly shows that your intention is to cancel your subscription.
  1. Write a brief Message in the “Message” section.
  1. Hit the “Send” button and submit the form to their service team

Always keep an eye on your email in case Learn Our History sends you any further correspondence regarding your cancellation request. Additionally, it’s a good idea to document all communications you have with the business in case you need to refer to them in the future.

How To Cancel Learn Our History Subscription Online?

If you are a customer or subscriber of Learn Our History, then you can also try to cancel your subscription online from your Learn Our History Account. Go to Learn Our History login page> Go to your Account Section> Look for the Cancel Subscription button and click on it> Follow the instructions to complete the cancelation process. 

Not only cancel, but you can also modify your subscription from your account by changing payment mode, or any of your personal detail. 


Whether you choose to cancel your Learn Our History subscription over the phone or through a contact form, doing so is a simple procedure. You can easily cancel your subscription by following the instructions in this article, saving yourself from any unforeseen fees or charges. Before canceling, don’t forget to read your subscription agreement, and keep a record of your correspondence with the company for your records. With these suggestions in mind, you can cancel your subscription to Learn Our History with confidence and switch to other learning tools or pursuits. Also Know, how to cancel Chegg Subscription.

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