How To Cancel eSalon Product Subscription And Order?

How To Cancel eSalon

Are you facing difficulty in canceling your eSalon Subscription? It’s simple and quick to cancel eSalon Subscription, whether you’re changing to a new hair care regimen or simply trying to save money. Continue reading to learn how to cancel and save money.

An online hair color service called eSalon provides personalized hair color products that are delivered right to your door. Your unique needs and preferences, as well as the type, color, and texture of your hair, are taken into account when they create a hair color for you using a personalized approach.

To cancel your eSalon Product Subscription, you need to click on the “Turn off my Plans” option from your eSalon Account. Another alternative for canceling your subscription is to email their customer service team and ask them for a cancelation. 

How To Cancel eSalon Product Subscription?

Follow these steps to cancel your eSalon Product Subscription.

  1. Start by using your device’s preferred internet browser to navigate to the official eSalon website.
  1. To log into the eSalon, proceed by entering your email address and password in the second step.
  1. Select the “Profile” icon where “Hi” is displayed.
  1. In the next step, go to the Upcoming Order section
  1. Then select “Turn off my Plan” from the bottom left side of the plan list. 

How To Cancel eSalon Product Subscription Via Email?

Apart from online cancelation, you also have the option to reach out to their team and get their help in canceling your eSalon Account. You can send an email to their team. Follow these steps to cancel your eSalon Product Subscription through email.

  1. Write an email to their service team by opening your Gmail Account
  1. Enter the eSalon customer service email address [email protected]  in the “To” field.
  1. Clearly mentioned in an email that you want to cancel your subscription
  1. Send the composed email to their team’s email address. 

How To Skip A eSalon Product Order?

Here are the steps which you will need to follow to skip your eSalon Product order.

  1. Login to your eSalon Account by going to the eSalon login page 
  1. Select the Upcoming Order option
  1. Enable the Skip Order option by tapping on the arrow next to it
  1. Tap on Confirm button and your eSalon upcoming orders are skipped. 

How To Contact eSalon Customer Service For Cancelation?

For any kind of assistance, you can also contact their customer support service team. For cancelation, you can also contact them and ask for their help in canceling your eSalon Subscription. 

Here are the contact details of eSalon Customer Service.

  • Make a call to their team at eSalon contact number (866) 550-2424 from Monday to Friday 8 am to 6 pm.
  • Click on the Contact Us button from eSalon Support Page and send their team a message for canceling your subscription or any other issue. 

How To Restart A eSalon Subscription Plan?

After cancelation, if you want to restart your eSalon Product Subscription plan, then you need to follow these steps.

  • Login to your eSalon Account
  • Go to the Account Section
  • Click on the Restart My Plan button
  • You can re-add any previously bought items by selecting “Autoship” or “Add one-time” next to the item’s name or you can also tap on “Shop All Hair Products” from the bottom of the screen

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Return eSalon Item?

Don’t worry, if you are not satisfied with their products. You can return your items, once it is delivered to you. eSalon gives you 30 days return policy, you can return your items within 30 days. Simply mark the unopened box’s mailing label “Return to Sender” and place it outside for your mailman to collect. The cost of return shipping is not your responsibility.

Can You Get A Refund From eSalon Returned Items?

Yes, if you return your products from eSalon within 30 days in their original condition, then you will get your full refund from it. Within 10 business days of receiving your return, you’ll see the refund appear on the card you originally used to pay. 

How Do I Delete My eSalon Account?

After cancelation, you can permanently delete your eSalon Account with the following steps- Login to your eSalon Account> Move towards the “Account” section> Look for the option to delete your account> Click on Delete Your Account> Again, tap on Confirm button to confirm your eSalon account deletion. 


You can opt for any of these methods to cancel your eSalon Product Subscription. It’s important to be aware that canceling your eSalon subscription by email may require more time to complete than canceling by phone or through the eSalon website. Customer service from eSalon might reply and inquire about more details or ask you to confirm your cancellation request. Check your email frequently for any updates regarding the cancellation of your subscription. Also Know, how to cancel a Keeps Subscription.

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