How To Cancel iCloud Subscription? 3 Effective Ways!

how to cancel iCloud subscription

If you are an Apple device user then you must have also been using iCloud for your documents and other information storage. But if you no longer want to use the iCloud subscription then we can help you cancel iCloud or downgrade the subscription as you desire. 

iCloud is a cloud service available for Apple users where they can store or sync their data on the device. You can store and get access to all your photos, videos, contacts, documents, and more information, and also a large storage capacity. However, when you no longer feel the need to continue using the iCloud subscription, you can always downgrade it or cancel it. 

You can easily cancel your iCloud subscription on your iOS device from the Settings app or on your Mac device. You can also cancel your iCloud subscription on your Windows PC or android device

How Can I Cancel iCloud Subscription?

You can easily cancel your iCloud subscription on your iOS device and also on your Mac and PC. 

Cancel iCloud Subscription On iOS Device

1. Open the Settings application on your iOS device and tap on your name

2. Tap on the iCloud option and then hit Manage Storage or iCloud Storage

3. Now tap on the Change Storage Plan button and open the Downgrade Options

4. Provide your Apple ID password and make the necessary changes on the page. 

5. You can either choose the free 5GB plan option to cancel your subscription or just select None

6. Tap Done and the changes will be saved. 

Cancel iCloud Subscription On Mac

1. On your Mac device, select Apple Menu and then navigate to System Settings

2. Click on your Apple ID and then select iCloud

3. Now click on the Manage button and then choose Change Storage Plan

4. Hit the Downgrade Options and provide your Apple ID password

5. Now either choose the free 5GB plan or select None. Tap on Done

Cancel iCloud Subscription On Windows PC/ Cancel iCloud Subscription On Android Web Browser

1. Open iCloud on Windows or from your web browser. 

2. Now click on Storage and then select Change Storage Plan

3. Click on Downgrade Options and now enter your Apple ID and password. 

4. Hit the Manage button and then select the 5GB Free plan or None. 

5. Tap Done when you complete the procedure. 

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What Happens If I Cancel iCloud Storage Plan? Will iCloud Delete My Data If I Stop Paying?

When you cancel your iCloud storage subscription, all the data that you stored there will not be deleted. However, you must learn that if you have more than 5GB stored there, you will fail to sync any kind of new data to the storage space.

You can either downgrade your subscription to a cheaper plan or cancel it as you want. If you have downgraded your subscription and your iCloud storage capacity exceed the one which your new, recent storage capacity then it won’t sync your content or update your information.

You will either be required to delete some information to make space for more or will have to upgrade to a plan consisting of more storage. 

When you don’t pay for your iCloud subscription anymore then they will send you a notification regarding the same and will ask you to pay for the subscription.

If you don’t agree to pay, you will be given about 30 days to retrieve your data from there. Your data will still remain there if you decide to pay for the subscription during the 30-day period. 

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Cancel iCloud Subscription-FAQs

Will I Get A Refund From iCloud?

You can request a refund for your subscription cancellation on your iOS device. You can start by signing in to Now hit the I’d like to option and then select Request a refund. Provide a reason for your refund request and then tap on Next. Choose your iCloud subscription and then tap on Submit. 

Why Can’t I Downgrade iCloud Storage?

If you are unable to downgrade your iCloud storage then it may have already been downgraded. However, if that is not the case, you must follow the steps discussed above to downgrade your subscription or sign out and sign in again to your Apple ID. If the problem persists, immediately contact Apple Support. 

How Can I Contact Apple Support?

If you are facing issues related to your Apple devices or services provided by them then you can contact Apple Support for help by dialing their help number (800) APL–CARE (800–275–2273) if you are US Citizen. You can visit the official website to get the support number for your region. You can also go to the Apple Support page and choose your problem and send a message to their representatives.  

Wrap Up

You can get the benefit of large cloud storage on your iOS device through an iCloud subscription but if the subscription is not your requirement anymore then you can end it.

Follow the detailed subscription cancellation and downgrade steps discussed above to terminate your subscription. Contact Apple Support for more help.

Cancelling your subscriptions and memberships will become hassle free with easy to digest "How-to" articles by Rachel.

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