How To Cancel Hubble Subscription? 2 Cancelation Methods !!

How To Cancel Hubble Subscription?

Are you not much satisfied with the quality of Hubble Lenses? Don’t Worry!! You can cancel Hubble Contact Subscription and return any of your unopened boxes to their team easily. Let’s find out how. 

Hubble Contacts is a subscription-based service that deals in delivering contact lenses to your home. Choose the frequency of your shipping, and then after every 4, 6, 0r 8 weeks, you will get a box of your Contact lenses from Hubble. 

You can cancel your Hubble Subscription either from your online Member Portal or you can contact their team directly via phone or email to cancel the subscription. 

Can You Cancel Your Hubble Subscription Online?

After every shipping, your card will be charged and Yes, you can cancel your Hubble Subscription at any time by logging into your Member Portal and following the steps to cancel the subscription within your account. 

How To Cancel Hubble Subscription Over The Phone?

Apart from Member Portal, the best way to cancel your Hubble Subscription is by calling their customer service team and asking them to cancel your subscription. 

This calling method to cancel the subscription is quick and clear because at least you can have an open conversation with their team member and clearly tell them about your cancelation. 

Hubble Customer Service Phone Numbers vary with locations. Take a look at this table for Hubble Phone numbers, Select the number according to your region and make a call. 

CountryHubble Phone Number
UK+ 44 20 3053 9825 
Germany +49 800 5051609
France+33 4 26 25 07 23
Rest of Europe+42 091 090 2773

How To Cancel Hubble Subscription Via Email?

  1. The other method to cancel the Hubble Subscription is by reaching out to their team by sending an email. 
  1. Submit your cancelation request via Email on Hubble Contacts Customer Service Email at [email protected] 
  1. Make sure you include all the necessary details of your subscription in the Email
  1. As soon as you send the email, you will get a reply soon from their team and then they will help you in canceling your subscription. 

Can You Return Hubble Contacts Lenses? Hubble Return Policy

Yes, you can make a return of any of your unopened Hubble Contacts Lenses within 14 days of their delivery without any reason. 

Make sure that your box includes all of the contact lenses otherwise your return request will be declined and you will not get any refund. 

The best way to make initiate your return request is by calling their service team at 1-844-334-1640 or via Live Chat to request a mailing label. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Get A Refund From Hubble?

Yes, if you return your Hubble box within 14 days of receiving it, then you will get a full refund for your returned box. 

Can You Make Changes To Hubble Subscription?

Yes, you can make changes to your subscription such as changing the frequency of your shipments, updating your information, shipping address, and more things from your Member Portal. 

You can access its Live Chat option from the Hubble Website or by calling their service team to make changes to your subscription. 

How Much Does Hubble Subscription Cost?

As a Hubble New customer, you will have to pay $1 for the first 15 pairs of your Contact Lenses. 

After that, you will be charged every time, when your Hubble Contacts box is shipped to your home. 

How Do I Contact Hubble Customer Service?

You can contact the Hubble Customer Service team by making a call at 1-844-334-1640 or via Live Chat. Sending an email at [email protected] can also be its contact option. 


If you have already received too many contact lenses for your use, then you can stop the delivery from Hubble by canceling its subscription. Choose any of the methods to cancel, in which you are comfortable. 

The Hubble customer service team is always with you in cancelation or for other issues. You can contact them during their working hours. 

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