How To Cancel A Boohoo Order? Cancelation Becomes Easy

How To Cancel A Boohoo Order?

It seems like you saw a nice dress on Boohoo and ordered it quickly. But suddenly you realize that you just wasted your money. Don’t Worry!! Let us help you with this by letting you know about cancel a Boohoo order. 

Boohoo is an online clothing website for both men & women. Their clothes are specially made for young people aged between 16 to 30. You can check out their latest clothing fashion on Boohoo Website. 

As Boohoo starts to process your order immediately, so it is not guaranteed that they canceled your order. 

Still, if you want to try cancelation, then you can cancel your order by contacting their service team and requesting them to cancel your Boohoo Order. 

Can You Cancel A Boohoo Order?

How To Cancel A Boohoo Order- Can You Cancel A Boohoo Order?

Unfortunately, you can not. Boohoo believes in processing and delivering their orders quickly, so that their customers don’t have to wait longer for their orders. 

It means Boohoo immediately starts to process your order, as soon as you place it. So, after processing, it’s not possible for them to cancel the order. 

In short, you are not allowed to cancel your Boohoo Order, once it is placed. But, still, you can try to cancel the order by submitting your request to their service team. Maybe your luck works and they will agree to cancel your order. 

How To Cancel A Boohoo Order Via Email?

  • The first method to submit your order cancelation request is by sending a cancelation email to their team. 
  • Composed an email and include “Order Cancelation Request” in the Subject Field.
  • Write a proper cancelation request in the body of the email. Don’t forget to include your order number, contact information, and email address. 

How To Cancel A Boohoo Order Via Mail?

You can also try to submit your order cancelation request to their team by sending them a cancelation notice via post at their team’s address. 

Write a letter to and include the following details in your cancelation notice. 

  • Ordered On
  • Received On
  • Order Number
  • Customer Name & Address
  • Signature
  • Date

As your letter is composed, send it to PO Box 553, Burnley, BB11 9GD. It is not confirmed, but maybe your order gets canceled. 

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Can You Return A Boohoo Order?

Well!! You can’t cancel your Boohoo Order, but you can make a return of your order within 28 days, of its delivery. 

Follow these steps to return your Boohoo Order

  • Repack your items first. It’s fine if the packing is not proper, but make sure it’s not too messed up. 
  • Go to the Return Portal and log in to it by entering your Order Number & Last 4 digits of your phone number. 
  • Choose the preferred Return Option
  • Once your return process is started in the portal, you are ready to post your return items. 
  • You will get a confirmation in your email, as soon as your item will be reached the Boohoo team destination. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Get A Refund From Boohoo?

Yes, once your return request is accepted by their team, then you will get a full refund for your returned order. 

How To Contact Boohoo Customer Service?

In case of any other order-related queries, you can contact their team via Boohoo Customer Service email at  [email protected] or by accessing Boohoo Live Chat by tapping on the “Chat Bot” button from Boohoo Contact Page. 
You can also submit your queries via cancelation notice at Boohoo Post Address: PO Box 553, Burnley, BB11 9GD.
You can also DM your queries on Boohoo Facebook Account. They will surely reply to your queries. Boohoo Customer Service number is not available. 


You will get a lot of styling varieties of clothes on Boohoo. You can even try its clothes, as Boohoo offers a very smooth return policy. 

If you ordered something accidentally from Boohoo, then you can at least try to cancel your order by contacting their team with the above methods otherwise Return is a better option.

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