How To Cancel Haven Holiday And Get A Refund?

How To Cancel Haven Holiday And Get A Refund?

We are often confident about the things we planned, but everything doesn’t go the same way we expect it to. Just like that, if you had also planned a holiday with your family these vacations and booked them with Haven, and due to some reason you are not going to be available for that time, then you would want to cancel your Haven Holiday. 

Canceling a holiday that has already been booked and paid for is really hurting. However, the pain becomes less severe if you know that you are going to receive a refund for the amount you paid. You might also be worried about whether or not you will get back your money from Havens for the holidays you are going to cancel, right?

To cancel your Haven holiday, you will be required to contact customer support of Haven and provide them with a suitable and valid reason why you do not want to pursue the holiday plan. If you have your Haven holiday Protection, and you comply with their policies, there is a great chance that you will be given a refund.

To know more about the cancelation and refund policies of Haven Holiday and how you can do that, keep reading this article as everything has been provided in detail. 

Can I Cancel My Haven Holiday And Get A Refund? 

Not in all cases are you allowed to receive a refund on the cancelation of your Haven Holiday. There are some terms and conditions that apply to your holiday booking according to which only eligible people are allowed to have a full or partial refund on cancelation. 

For instance, if you have a Haven Holiday Protection, and you cancel your holiday booking because of reasons like Sickness, Jury Service, Redundancy, or Bereavement, then you are eligible for a refund. In such cases, if you request a cancelation at least 48 prior to the start of your holiday, then you will be given a full refund, and if you cancel your booking after that, then you will receive only a 30% refund of the total holiday cost. 

However, if you have your Haven Holiday Protection and cancel your holiday for some reason other than those mentioned above, then also you will be eligible for a refund. 

If you cancel your booking at least 70 days prior to the start of your holiday, then you will receive a full refund (except the amount of the deposit and the payment of Haven Holiday Protection).

If you cancel your holiday about 43 to 63 days before the holiday starts, you will get a 70% refund.

If you cancel your booking 29 to 42 days in advance, then you can get a 50% refund for that. 

Finally, if you cancel the booking about 8 to 28 days in advance, then you can get a 10% refund.

However, if you cancel your booking after that, then you are not going to receive a single penny as your refund. 

How To Cancel Haven Holiday?

If you want to cancel your Haven Holiday, then there is currently only one way available to do so. You will have to reach out to customer support at Haven and ask them to cancel your holiday booking. 

You can contact Haven customer support over the phone by dialing the number 0333 202 5250 on your phone and you will be connected with one of the customer support representatives of Haven who you can speak with and make your request for the cancelation of the holidays that you had booked from Havens. 

They will ask you for a reason why you are canceling your reservation, and if you want a refund, you will be required to provide them with valid proof that should also comply with the cancelation policy of Havens Holidays. 

If they find you eligible, they will cancel the holiday booking for you and a suitable refund that you deserve shall also be refunded to your account. 

Remember that the customer service team via phone call is available only from Monday to Friday between 9 am and 7 pm, so you will be able to reach out to them only when you make a phone call within this time period.  


How To Change My Haven Holiday?

Under certain conditions and times, you are allowed to make any necessary changes to your Haven Holiday that you have already booked. In order to do that, you will be required to contact the customer support team of Haven over the phone by calling on the number 0333 202 5250 and request them for the same. 

How Long Does Haven Take To Refund?

Once your refund has been approved for the cancelation of your Haven Holiday, it will be processed and this won’t take more than 15 business days from cancelation for the refund to be transferred to your account. 

How Long Can You Stay In A Haven Holiday Home?

Haven allows its customers to stay for a maximum of 60 consecutive days at a time in their holiday homes. 

Wrapping Up

We are sad to know that you had to cancel your Haven Holidays plan, however, we hope that you were at least able to receive enough refund to compensate for it. If there is any other booking that you have already made for your holidays somewhere else and now need to cancel, let us know in the comments so that we can help you out with that too. 

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