How To Cancel Handy Subscriptions & Booking?

How To Cancel Handy

Nowadays it is so tough to find a trustworthy homemaker. Right? And many people already take the Handy Cleaning Plan to overcome this issue. Are you familiar with Handy Cleaning Plan? If not, then here in this article you will get to know about Handy and if you already using it plan, then also you will get to know about canceling Handy Plan. 

In this today’s world, where everybody is just busy with their professional work, people hardly get time to do their household chores. That’s the reason, people are in search of genuine house workers who are trustworthy and hard-working, for which Handy helps you. Handy is a company that connects you with skilled professional household workers online with a specialization in each task. But, if you ever want to end up with your plan, then here are some steps for you to do so. 

You can cancel your Handy Subscription by managing your cleaning plan from your Handy Account or the customer support service team is always there for you to help. 

Can You Cancel Your Handy Subscription?

Yes, if you ever feel like you don’t need to continue with your Handy Subscription, then you can cancel it at any time according to Handy Cancellation Policy. Apart from that, you can cancel your Handy Booking. 

How To Cancel Handy Subscription?

If you have taken the Handy Subscription or Cleaning Plan, then follow these steps to cancel your full Handy Cleaning Plan.

  • Log in to your Handy Account from Handy Website and navigate to the Account tab
  • Select Manage Cleaning Plan from the Account tab
  • Choose the Plan you wanna cancel and tap on Cancel Plan. 

Note: If your plan has a minimum term of 3,6, or 12 months, missed bookings will be charged and deducted from your cleaning credits if they occur during that time. Remember, you will also be charged a cancelation fee for canceling Cleaning Plan before the contract term. you will be charged $99 in the US and Canada and $60 in the UK. 

How To Cancel Handy Select Membership & Get Refund?

If you enrolled yourself in a Handy Select monthly or yearly membership plan, then your subscription plan renews automatically after the new subscription plan term. You can cancel your Handy Select Membership without any cancelation fee if you cancel it before 3 days of your new renewal date. 

You can cancel your Handy Select Membership from your Account Page. Note down, if you cancel your membership within the initial 60 days of purchasing the plan and have not done any cleaning yet, then you will get your full refund for canceling your membership. 

How To Cancel Handy Booking?

If you placed your booking with Handy and want to cancel it, then here is what you can do to cancel Handy Booking. 

Cancel Handy Booking On The Web

  1. Go to Handy Website and navigate to the bookings page of your account
  2. Tap on the Edit booking dropdown option
  3. Click on the Cancel Booking button> Tap on No thanks, I’d like to cancel my booking

Cancel Handy Booking In The App

  1. Go to your Handy Mobile App or download the handy com app
  2. Click on the booking option from the bottom left side of the screen
  3. Choose the booking you wanna cancel
  4. Then, scroll down and click on the Cancel Booking button
  5. Click I’d like to cancel my booking 

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Contact Handy Customer Service?

For getting any kind of assistance, or having more questions on your mind. You can contact their customer service team by calling on their number 888-306-2101 or sending an email to [email protected] 

How To Get Money Back From Handy?

You can contact their customer service team by calling 888-306-2101 or emailing [email protected] to know about your refund or submit your refund request. If you are eligible for a refund, then you will get your refunded money back. 


Handy is one of the largest online platforms that helps you to ease your household chores by sending trusted workers to your home. Most people are already in love with its user-friendly interface but the people who do not need it more can cancel it with the steps or methods mentioned in this article. For any kinda help, you can contact their service team too. 

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