How To Cancel First Energy Service? 4 Recommended Ways!!

How To Cancel First Energy Service?

Do you recently start using First Energy for your electricity services but suddenly you need to relocate to some other place? And now you must be finding ways to cancel your First Energy Service. Well!! That’s quite sad, but no worries, this article will help you to cancel First Energy Service with some easy and quick methods. 

First Energy or First Energy Corp. is a company that provides you with electricity services along with some renewable resources such as nuclear energy, coal, natural gas, oil, and much more. If you are using their services and feel like you want to end it, then follow us in this article to get to know about some ways to cancel the Service. 

You can cancel your First Energy Service by Self-Serving options to submit your request to stop your service to its team. The other way to do so is by submitting your cancelation request by contacting their service team directly with the required modes of contact. 

How To Cancel First Energy Service?

The first way from which you can cancel your First Energy Service is from Stop Service (Move Out) method. In this method, you just need to submit your request to stop the service to their team. Steps to accomplish this include- Go to First Energy Website> Scroll down and tap on the “Moving Requests” option> Select “Stop Service” option> Click “Next”> Login to your account or Quick Access> After getting into your account follow the steps to stop the service. 

How To Cancel First Energy Service Over The Phone?

If Self-Serving options do not work for you, then you can take the help of their customer service team to cancel your First Energy Service. The first method to contact their service team is via phone call. Yes, by calling on their phone number you can directly get in contact with their team and speak to them clearly about your intention. 

You just need to make a call to First Energy Phone Number at 1-888-544-4877 and get connected with one of their team members on a phone call. Tell them about your cancelation and they will help you with this. 

How To Cancel First Energy Service Via Email?

You can also use their Email Online Form to send your service cancelation request to their team. Click on Online Contact Us Form and scroll down to the Email section. Fill out the form with the required details. Choose “Start/Stop/Transfer Service from the drop-down menu from the “Request Type” category. Fill in the rest necessary personal details and hit the “Send Email” from the bottom. 

As soon as your form will be received by their team, they will contact you soon. 

How To Cancel First Energy Service Via Live Chat?

One of the most simple ways to get connected with their team is via its Live Chat feature. On First Energy Website, you will find a Live Chat icon from the right side of the screen. Click on it and start chatting with their agent. Tap on “Start/Stop/Transfer Service” from the options list> Choose “Stop Service”> They will then redirect you to their Contact Us page and asked you to choose the “Phone” or “Email” option to submit your cancelation request. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Contact First Energy Customer Service?

You can make call on their phone number at 1-888-544-4877 using the “Online Email Contact Form” or “Live Chat” to get in touch with their customer support service team. 

Visit First Energy Contact Page and First Energy Help Page for more information and get answers to your issues. 

Can You Transfer Your First Energy Service?

Yes, if you feel like this service is no longer in use for you, then instead of canceling it, you can transfer it to some other person. For this, you can choose the “Self-Serving” options and select the “Transfer Service” and log in to your account. You can also contact their team with the available contact options (Phone, Email, Chat) to make your transfer possible. 


Now, if you are sure to cancel your First Energy Service, then follow any one of these methods to make the cancelation possible. If for any reason, you are not able to cancel the service on your own, make sure to get in touch with their team as soon as possible and discuss your problem with them. Also Know, how to cancel Reliant Energy.

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