How To Cancel Greenlight Card?

cancel greenlight card

You must have possessed a Greenlight card for your children. But what if you don’t require the services provided anymore or your children have already got the best out of it? Well, in that case, it is better that you cancel your Greenlight card and we will help you with that. 

To help parents monitor their kids’ funds and teach them about financial responsibility, Greenlight is a smartphone app and associated card. While parents manage a primary account and set up sub-holder accounts for their children, the app provides a platform for youngsters to manage their own money. Parents also have the choice to link one or two bank accounts to the app.

If you want to cancel your Greenlight Card then you will have to contact their Customer Support department through their help number and they will cancel the card for you. You can also close or delete your account completely if you are determined not to use the services anymore.

How Can I Cancel Greenlight Card?

To cancel your Greenlight card, you will have to contact Support for the same. 

1. Dial the Greenlight card Customer care number 888-483-2645 and get connected to a representative. 

2. Tell them that you want to cancel your Greenlight card and provide them a reason for cancellation as you may be asked one.

3. Give them your personal, account, and Greenlight card details and they will first go through your account activity and then help you with cancellation. 

4. Do as they say and terminate your card service. You must also ask them for a cancellation confirmation mail or email. 

How Do I Move Money From Greenlight Back To My Bank Account?

To initiate a transfer of funds from your Parent’s Wallet back to your connected funding source (such as a bank account or debit card), it is necessary to reach out to Greenlight Customer Support team. They will assist you in facilitating a refund back to your account. It can take 7 business days to process the refund request and to reflect the amount in your account. Users can text Greenlight at 404-974-3024 to process their request and the representatives will help you with it. 

Cancel Greenlight Card- FAQs

Can I Cancel Greenlight Card Anytime?

Yes, you will be able to cancel your Greenlight card anytime you want. As there are no long-term contracts or any such deals, it gets easy for you to end your account or terminate the card service with no problems. Just follow the above-mentioned steps and you are done. 

How To Delete A Child Account On Greenlight?

If you want to delete your child’s account on Greenlight then you must contact the Greenlight Customer Service team for help. Dial the Greenlight contact number 888-483-2645 and tell the representatives to cancel or delete your child’s account and they will help you with it. 

How Long Does A Refund Take On A Greenlight Card? Greenlight Card Refund

For any remaining account balances or charges, Greenlight provides refunds in about 5-7 business days. To get a refund from Greenlight, you can send an email to [email protected] and request a refund. Provide your reason and they will get back to you regarding your request and will give you a refund. 

How Can I Contact Greenlight Customer Service?

For any kind of problems you face while using Greenlight services, you can contact their Support department by dialing their service number 888-483-2645. You can also send an email to Greenlight Support team or text them by visiting the Greenlight Help Page. Tell the representatives about your problems and they will provide you with effective solutions. You may have to provide the account and card details for it. 

Wrap Up

Greenlight cards can be used by parents to help their children better understand finances and management. But if you already used the services and are not a huge fan or your children don’t require the account or card anymore then following the steps that we mentioned above can be a help for cancellation of the service. If you have more queries or doubts then the Greenlight Customer Care department can help you with the best possible solutions and help you need. 

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