How To Cancel Graze Subscription? 4 Basic Steps!!

How To Cancel Graze

Munching is a common habit of most people but excess eating of snacks may also affect your health condition. Don’t Worry!! You can solve this issue by just replacing your regular snacks with Graze Healthy Snacks by trying out their membership service and if you don’t like their flavors or taste, then you can decide to cancel Graze at any time. 

Graze is a UK-based company that makes your Snack time best by delivering healthy ingredient snacks with amazing flavors. They are well-most known for their healthy quality snacks as they promised to never compromise their customer’s health. With the Graze Subscription plan, you can select the snack of your own choice and the Graze team will make a box for you every month, and that Graze-Box is delivered to your doorstep. 

You can cancel your Graze subscription at any time from your Account Orders Page by just simply logging into your Graze Account and canceling your subscription or recurring order from here. 

You will get to know about its detailed steps later in the article. So, make sure you read the entire article. 

Can You Cancel A Graze Subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your Graze subscription at any time by canceling your automatic recurring box order deliveries to your doorstep. There is no cancelation fee for canceling your Graze membership. 

How To Cancel Graze Subscription UK?

You can cancel your Graze subscription at any time on your own from your Graze Account. After canceling your membership, the monthly deliveries of your Snack boxes will stop. 

Follow these steps to cancel your Graze subscription. 

  • Login to your Account from Graze Website and navigate to your Account order page. 
  • Then, tap on Manage Recurring Order or Manage one-time order (depending on the type of order you wanna cancel)
  • Select more options and then tap on cancel this order button
  • Click the given option until you see the confirmation of your order cancelation. 

Remember that if you have more than one subscription box, then you need to repeat the same above process to cancel each box or order. 

How To Pause Or Postpone Graze Subscription?

No, Graze does not allow you to pause your membership i.e. to temporarily stop the delivery of your boxes. But, however, you can postpone your delivery for an extended period of time. 

Follow these steps to postpone your Graze subscription.

  • Navigate to your Graze Order Page and click on the Manage My box button exactly next to the order you wanna postpone.
  • Add a new delivery date for the order under the Take a Break drop-down section

If the Graze team already start the processing of your order and is ready to ship it to you, then you are not allowed to postpone that particular order. 

How To Contact Graze Customer Service?

You are not able to contact their team via Graze Contact Number as they currently do not support phone call service. But they can accept your contact request via email at [email protected] and after receiving your email, they will get back to you soon. 

You can also use Graze Contact Form to contact their team. They will reply to you within 48 hours. It may take longer time than 48 hours due to weekends or holidays. You can also ask them about canceling your Graze Membership when they contact you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Get Graze Refund?

Graze accept payment up to 6 hours before their cut-off time, so you will get your full refund if you cancel within that time frame (6 hours). After 6 hours, you will not get any kind of refund, nor even a small amount of refund. 

You will also not get a refund for returned boxes or delivered boxes. 

Can You Cancel Graze After Free Box?

Yes, you can cancel your recurring delivery of boxes i.e. Graze subscription with the same steps mentioned above even after your free box. 

How Much Does Graze Cost?

Graze prices depend on the type of products and plans your choose. Its subscription service starts at $4.49 per box or you can place a single order from the Graze Shop Page where the cost of items starts from $2.49


As Graze gives a healthy promise to their customers but still there are some customers who have trust issues with them and are in search of some effective ways to cancel their Graze Subscription. The methods or steps outlined above in this article are that much easy and quick, that you can cancel your Graze Subscription on your own within 2 minutes. 

I have been writing articles on from the very beginning. I research before writing tutorials and make sure to pen it down in such a way that it becomes easier to understand by users.

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