How To Cancel GoHenry Account? Proven Methods!

Cancel Gohenry

As you all know that it’s very difficult to make understand children about saving money, if you are also struggling with this, then we have GoHenry for your this problem. But, will tell you that there is no guarantee that you will like this service, but you can try it once, as we have some effective methods to cancel GoHenry.

One of the most important objectives of GoHenry is to teach kids how to make proper use of money. There are many parents who give pocket money to their children and most of the kids exactly don’t know how to save or invest money in an effective way. For this, there is a subscription-based program called GoHenry that helps students manage their pocket money as well as invest them via proper apps. But, if any of its subscribers ever feel its service is worthless, then here are some ways to cancel its subscription.

To cancel GoHenry, call their customer support service team at 03301007676 between 8 am to 8 pm, seven days a week or you can send an email to also. 

To find out more ways for GoHenry subscription cancelation, read the entire article up to the end and read out its full working to know how GoHenry actually works. 

How Does GoHenry Works?

GoHenry is a bank account specially made for kids or young people. You can make an online account, with a linked account for each of your children which can be managed through GoHenry’s website or mobile app.

They will create a new account as well as sub-account for your children, once you have signed in with GoHenry. You will have your own login to your account. Signing up only takes a few minutes and you will have your cards within a week in your hands. 

How To Cancel GoHenry?

There are two simple ways to cancel your GoHenry subscription- by making a call to their customer support service team or by emailing them. 

  • The most direct way to cancel a GoHenry subscription is by making a call to their customer support service team at 03301007676
  • If you are an introvert and you don’t like to talk directly on calls then, the other option for you is to compose a proper email about your account cancelation and send it to your preferred email id at [email protected]
  • Your Member Services hours are available between 8 am to 8 pm from Sunday to Saturday.

How Do I Deactivate My Child’s GoHenry’s Card?

If your child’s GoHenry card is temporarily misplaced, you can immediately block it from its website or an app. 

Blocking a Card On A Website

Here are the steps to block your child’s card from GoHenry’s website:

  • Access your GoHenry parent account
  • Login to your child account and go to the “Card” tab
  • Click “Block” under the card image and confirm when asked
  • Once you have found the card, you can undo the process by tapping on “Unblock”

Blocking Card From Mobile App

Follow these steps to block your child’s GoHenry card by using its app from mobile:

  • Login or open your GoHenry app
  • Select “Money” from the bottom of the page
  • Choose the appropriate child’s account
  • Tap on “Block” under the card image and confirm when asked

Can You Get A Refund From GoHenry?

Yes, after the cancelation of your GoHenry account, you will get its refund back to your bank account within 7-10 working days. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does GoHenry Offers A Free Trial?

Yes, for their new customers, GoHenry offers a free trial. You will not be charged a monthly membership fee of $2.99 for your free trial duration. They may also run special promotional offers from time to time, which include a longer free trial period. 

How To Withdraw Money From GoHenry Parent Account?

One of the easiest ways to withdraw money from a parent’s account is by making a quick transfer to your child’s account via a cash machine.

How Do I Enable/Disable My Children To Tick Their Tasks As Completed?

You can enable or disable your child’s ability to mark their own tasks as completed by logging in to your account> Click “Settings” from the menu and checking or unchecking the box “Only parents can mark tasks as completed”.


Start your free trial today with GoHenry! Taking a GoHenry subscription is a must if you seriously want your child to learn to value money. But, somehow, if you ever feel like this service is no longer in use for you, then you can cancel it at any time either by calling or by email. The customer support service team will get in contact with you and guide you further to complete your cancelation process. The best part of its cancelation is that you will also get a full refund from them. 

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