How To Cancel GiffGaff Goodybag? 3 Ways To Cancel!

Cancel GiffGaff Goodybag

Do you not feel the need to get your unlimited call and text plan along with internet data from Giffgaff? Then you should immediately cancel your recurring Giffgaff Godybag before it is set for you. If you are not sure of the procedure then we shall be glad to provide you with assistance.  

There is a monthly subscription for GiffGaff Goodybag with which you can make unlimited calls as well as send an infinite number of texts to anyone throughout the month. Not just this, you are also given with pack full of data to surf the internet. You can also make the settings of your Goodybag plan automatically renew every other month. 

To cancel your Giffgafff Goodybag, you can either call on their customer care number or email their customer service address and make your cancelation address. Alternatively, you can also do this manually by heading to the payments page of your Giffgaff account.

There is a lot more that you might need to know in detail about the cancelation of your Goodybag plan on Giffgaff, so it is better that you continue reading.

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How Do I Cancel GiffGaff Goodybag?

There are currently three possible ways in which your subscription to GiffGaff Goodybag can be terminated and we are going to discuss each of them with you right here so that you can continue with the one you are more convenient in. 

How To Cancel GiffGaff Goodybag Over The Phone?

You can simply contact the customer support of Giffgaff to get your subscription to their goody bag canceled. For this, you will be required to dial their customer support number on your phone and you shall be connected to their customer service representative to talk. Make sure that you have all the necessary details related to your subscription with you at the time of calling because the agent might ask you for the same. 

Provide them with the details so that they can process your cancelation request and your subscription shall soon be terminated. 

How To Cancel Giffgaff Goodybag Via Email?

A lot of people are not much comfortable calling the customer service number for canceling their subscriptions and if you are also one of them then canceling your Giffgaff Goodybag subscription through emailing is an option. 

Just compose an email mentioning your request to cancel your Goodybag on Giffgaff along with all your necessary personal and subscription-related details and send it to the official email address of the customer support of Giffgaff which is [email protected].  

They will soon process your request and you will accordingly receive a response after the successful cancelation of your GiffGaff Godybag. 

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How To Cancel Giffgaff Goodybag Online?

If you do not wish to connect to the customer support of Giffgaff in any way for canceling your Goodybag and rely on them for this, then you can go for the manual procedure for cancelation that can be done through your account. 

In this case, you need to first head to the official website of Giffgaff on your device’s web browser and log in to your respective account. 

Then, head to the payment section of your account where you will see your recurring Goodybag. Make sure that you cancel your Goodybag at least a day prior to the day when the Goodybag is set to begin, otherwise, it is nearly impossible to cancel it online on your own and you will probably need to contact their customer service. Moreover, you are also not going to receive any refund for it. 

How Do I Get A Refund From Goodybag On Giffgaff?

If you are sure that you have made your cancelation request to Goodybag within the cancelation period then Giffgaff will process your refund. The remainder shall be reimbursed if you had purchased credit and if you had purchased a goody bag then the company shall refund the amount equivalent to the proportion of your goody bag that has been left unused.  

If you are canceling your subscription via call or email, then make sure that you mention the refund request to them as well so that they provide you with the same.  

Cancel GiffGaff Goodybag- FAQs

How Do I Stop Recurring Payments On Giffgaff?

First go to the official website of GiffGaff and sign in to your account. Now directly move to the My Payments section. There, you will be able to manage your recurring payments and will be able to turn it off as per your wish.

How Can I Check My GiffGaff Goodybag Balance?

If you want to check your GiffGaff Goodybag balance then you will have to dial *100#. This will provide you your Goodybag balance statement. You can also visit your GiffGaff Dashboard for more details.

How Much Is Goodybag On Giffgaff?

The amount that you will be required to pay for your Goodybag on Giffgaff is 6 pounds for which you can have access to unlimited calling minutes within the UK, as well as unlimited texts along with mobile data. 

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Wrapping Up

We hope that the contents of this article were helpful enough for you to cancel your Goodybag on Giffgaff in time and also receive an eligible reimbursement for the same. If there is any other plan or subscription that you are continuing to pay for but not using, then you can ask for our assistance and we shall be glad to help you with the same. 

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