How To Cancel Fort Worth Water Service?

How To Cancel Fort Worth Water Service?

It seems like you found a better water service at a less price than that of Fort Worth Water, but you couldn’t take it, as your Fort Worth Water services are still activated. Don’t Worry!! Follow this guide to cancel Fort Worth Water. 

Well!! Everybody wants that the water which is supplied to their homes needs to be cleaned and most people rely on the water services of Fort Worth Water. It is a water company that deals in providing fresh and clean water to their customers for drinking and other purposes. It also deals in wastewater management services. 

You can cancel your Fort Worth Water services by getting in touch with their customer support service team by making a call on their given phone number which is discussed later in this article. 

How To Cancel Fort Worth Water Service?

If you are thinking of canceling your Fort Worth Water Service and opting for the new services. Then, you can submit your cancelation request by making a call to Fort Worth Water phone number 817-392-4477. 

Make sure you have the following required information in your hand before you make a call. 

  • Account Number or the Address of the resident, from where you want to discontinue the service
  • The date on which you want your service to be stopped
  • Forwarding Address to give you the final bill. Make sure to include the city and zip code

After your gather, all the required information, make a call on the service team number and ask them to cancel your service by providing them all the required information. 

After being done with a few more formalities, they will end your water service. If any remaining balance for your service, they will tell you about it and you’ll have to pay the balance first, then your service will be canceled. 

Fort Worth Water Call Center hours are 7 am to 7 pm, Monday to Friday. 

What Are The Other Methods To Get Assistance From Fort Worth Water Support Team?

Apart from calling the Fort Worth Water team, you can also get assistance from their team with these methods or options. 

  • You can send an email to their team at [email protected] and submit your request via email. You can also try to submit your cancelation request via Email to their team.
  • You can also get Walk-in assistance from Fort Worth Water. You can visit the office nearest to your location and tell them about your issue. You can also try asking them about the cancelation service. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Contact Fort Worth Water Customer Service?

For any query, you can contact their customer service team by making a call at 817-392-4477 or via email at [email protected].

You can also get the option of Live Chat by tapping on the “Have questions? Let’s Chat!” button from the right side of the Fort Worth Water Customer Care Page. You can also contact their team via Twitter. 

How Can You Transfer Your Water Service?

If you don’t want to cancel your service, then you can transfer your water services to the other person. But, you will be charged $20 on your final bill to transfer your service. 

If you are ready to pay the charge, then you can transfer your service by making a call to their team at 817-392-4477 and submitting the transfer request. 


Well!! We don’t know for what reasons you gonna cancel your Fort Worth Water Service, but we know that now you can cancel the service on your own. I mean, just a simple call to their team and your service will be terminated. You can also cancel American Water Service.

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