How To Cancel Emma? Easy Steps To Cancel!

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You might have selected Emma as your financial advocate for management and more. But what to do if the services aren’t as per your requirements or you no longer need that help? Well, in that case, it is better that you cancel the service and terminate your account for good and we have practical steps here that you can follow to ensure cancellation. 

Emma is a financial advisor and advocate application that one can get to avoid any kind of overdrafts, track your debt, and save money by canceling the subscriptions that are no longer your requirements. Emma lets you make some smart decisions to use your money wisely and prevent wasting it. 

You can cancel Emma easily by reaching out to their Support department through the Chat with a Human option or by completely deleting your Emma account when services aren’t needed. 

How Can I Cancel Emma?

Users will be able to cancel Emma by either contacting Support or deleting the Emma account. 

Contact Emma For Cancellation

1. Emma allows the users to contact them to cancel their services and you can do so by visiting the home page of the Emma app or navigating to the Feed tab. 

2. On the top-left corner of the screen page, you will see your profile icon, select it. 

3. Now move to the right side of the screen and then choose Help

4. From the options visible to you, select the Chat with a Human option and you will be connected to a representative. 

Follow the steps as you later see on your screen and you can contact Emma and ensure cancellation. 

Delete Emma Account

1. You can also terminate your services by deleting your Emma account

2. First, go to the Emma Home Page or the Emma Feed tab to cancel your account. 

3. Now click your profile icon on the page that you may find at the top left of the screen. 

4. You must now keep scrolling your page to the very bottom until you see the Delete Account option there. 

5. Hit the Delete Account button and confirm the procedure. 

Cancel Emma- FAQs

Is Emma A Subscription?

Yes, you can get a subscription to Emma to get access to more effective features of the service. Emma can be used for free but you may not get those benefits in the free version as there are in the paid subscription. However, you must also know that you will not be automatically charged for a subscription to Emma. You can purchase any of the available subscription plans of your choice from the options including Emma Plus, Emma Pro, or Emma Ultimate. 

How Much Is Emma Per Month?

Emma charges users according to the subscription plan they purchased either monthly or annually. The Monthly plan price of Emma Plus is about £4.99 or $ 4.99 CAD or $ 4.99 USD. For an Emma Pro subscription, the Monthly Plan will cost you £9.99 or $ 9.99 CAD or $ 9.99 USD. For the Emma Ultimate plan, the monthly price will cost you £14.99 or $ 14.99 CAD or $ 14.99 USD. 

How Can I Contact Emma?

For any of your concerns or questions, you can contact Emma by visiting the Emma Contact Us page. You can also get in touch with Emma Support by contacting them on Instagram, Twitter, or also on Facebook. Tell the representatives about your problems and they will help you accordingly with your requirements or related services. 

Wrap Up

You might be able to secure your finances with the financial advocate Emma. But if you are already a user and don’t need the subscription anymore then you will be able to cancel the service if you carefully follow the steps for cancellation as discussed earlier already. For more Support requests, you can get in touch with Emma’s representatives and tell them about your problems and issues. 

Cancelling your subscriptions and memberships will become hassle free with easy to digest "How-to" articles by Rachel.

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