How To Cancel AI Mirror Subscription? 2 Easy Modes To Cancel!

cancel ai mirror subscription

If you are Anime obsessed and wish to look like the Anime characters then you must have already got an AI Mirror subscription. But if you don’t really need the subscription service or are not much satisfied with the platform then follow the steps as we inform and end your service plan. 

AI Mirror is a picture editing application or platform where you can edit your normal pictures to create various memes, avatars, or your favorite Anime characters. The technology of AI Image generation that the platform uses can help you transform or edit your photos into your loved Anime characters, all you need to do is upload any picture of you and then they will edit it for you as you want. 

You will be able to cancel your AI Mirror subscription from the platform that you used to install the application or purchase the subscription. You can cancel AI Mirror on your Android devices through the Google Play Store or on your iOS devices via App Store or iTunes

AI Mirror Subscription Terms & Conditions

Users can get an AI Mirror Subscription to get access to some specific features that might not work in the free version. The AI Premium Subscription can be purchased weekly or half-yearly. The subscription service provides several editing features or magical experiences as they say. Once you get the subscription, your service will be renewed automatically. They will charge your account within 24 hours prior to the date of your plan expiration. 

If you don’t want AI Mirror to continue charging you for your subscription then you will have to cancel your Automatic Renewal. You can also cancel your subscription service if you don’t wish to pay for it anymore. Go through the steps of cancellation as we discussed below and terminate the service. 

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How Can I Cancel AI Mirror Subscription?

You will be able to cancel your AI Mirror Subscription through the platform that you used to get the subscription service. 

Cancel AI Mirror Subscription On Android Device

1. To cancel your AI Mirror Subscription on your Android device, you will first have to open the Google Play Store on your device. 

2. Now go to your Profile image or icon at the top right of your mobile screen page and you will see several options listed. 

3. Choose the Payments & Subscriptions option from the menu and then select Subscriptions

4. You will now see all your Active Subscriptions in the list. Choose your AI Mirror Subscription from the options. 

5. As you open the subscription, you will see the Cancel Subscription option at the bottom. 

Follow the steps prompted there and terminate your subscription service. 

Cancel AI Mirror Subscription On iOS Device

1. If you have purchased your AI Mirror subscription on your iOS device then you can also cancel it from there. 

2. Go to the Settings app on your iOS device and then tap on your name on the screen. 

3. Do ensure that you are Signed in to your Apple Id and if not, provide the correct credentials and log in. 

4. Now navigate to the Subscriptions section and you will see all the subscriptions that you have purchased. 

5. Choose your AI Mirror subscription service and then open it, you will find the Cancel Subscription option at the bottom. 

6. Hit the Cancel Subscription button and follow the further steps as they say and you will be able to terminate the subscription service. 

How Can I Contact AI Mirror?

Although there isn’t much information available for contact details of AI Mirror, you can still try raising your concerns by contacting them on Instagram. You can visit the AI Mirror official page on Instagram and DM them your query or concern and we do hope that they will reply to you accordingly. 

Wrap Up

AI Mirror can help you edit your pictures or transform the normal photos that you upload there on the platform into anime characters and several other available options. If you have already used the subscription service and are not a huge fan or don’t require the photo editing services anymore then you must act in accordance with the steps mentioned above and end your service. Contacting AI Mirror via Instagram is also an available option to the users. 

Cancelling your subscriptions and memberships will become hassle free with easy to digest "How-to" articles by Rachel.

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