How To Cancel EarnIn Account?

cancel earnin account

It seems that you are not much benefited from the services provided by EarnIn or do not want to use it anymore due to other situations. For that, we can help you cancel EarnIn easily by giving you the steps that will work well with your requirements. 

EarnIn is a Financial services company that gives users access to the pay that they have earned. These earned-wage access services allow users to get the earned wages prior to their deposition into the accounts. 

To cancel EarnIn, you will have to contact EarnIn Customer Service via Email or Live Chat. You can also close your EarnIn account by opening the Settings section on the EarnIn app on your device. 

How Can I Cancel EarnIn?

You will be able to cancel EarnIn by contacting their Customer Support department for help. 

1. You can contact EarnIn via Live chat and request a cancellation at least 3 days prior to the date of your next scheduled payment. 

2. Visit EarnIn Help Page and get the Live Chat support where you can put forward your request. 

3. Another way to contact EarnIn is by sending an email to [email protected]. Compose an email and send them your request to cancel EarnIn.

4. Also provide them with your account and other details that they will need. And when you are done, do request for a cancellation confirmation email or mail. 

How Do I Close My EarnIn Account?

You can also close your EarnIn account if you don’t want to use the platform anymore. EarnIn lets users close their accounts anytime they want. However, you must also be aware that closing your EarnIn account will not prevent any kind of scheduled or pending debits. 

1. To close your account, first open the EarnIn application on your device. 

2. You must now open the Settings section and for that, you will have to hit the icon that you may find at the lower right of the screen page. 

3. Now go to your profile and click it. You will see your name and phone number displayed there. 

4. Click on the Close My Account option and follow the steps as prompted. 

Confirm the cancellation procedure and this will let you close your EarnIn account. 

Can I Remove My Bank Info From EarnIn? Change/ Update EarnIn Bank

You can easily remove or update your Bank info on your iOS and Android devices. 

1. First move to the EarnIn Settings by selecting the three horizontal bars at the bottom of the page. 

2. Now Tap on the My Bank option. You will now have the option to Change or Update your bank at EarnIn. 

3. To remove and then change your bank to a new one, select the bank you wish to add from the available EarnIn partners options. 

4. Add and Update your new banking information. Earnin will then send you a test verification transaction and it will be posted in about 1-2 business days

Cancel EarnIn Account- FAQs

Can I Stop EarnIn From Taking Money?

If you want to stop EarnIn from taking your money or want to revoke your authorization then it is possible by contacting the EarnIn Support team. You can use the EarnIn Live Chat feature from the EarnIn app to contact them. Do remember to contact them at least 3 days prior to the scheduled transaction. 

What Happens If You Don’t Pay Back The EarnIn App?

If your payment to EarnIn is late or you haven’t paid the complete amount yet by the due date then you will no longer have access to your earnings with the use of your Earnin Card. 

How Can I Contact EarnIn Customer Service?

If you are facing problems with the EarnIn platform or have questions regarding the services or more then you can contact EarnIn Customer Support by visiting the EarnIn Help Page

Wrap Up

EarnIn can help you with your finances and also provide early access to your wages. But if you already used the services and are not a huge fan or have to cancel the service due to other reasons then follow the above-mentioned steps and terminate your account. Contact Customer Support for more help. 

Cancelling your subscriptions and memberships will become hassle free with easy to digest "How-to" articles by Rachel.

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