How To Cancel Amazon Textbooks Subscription?

How To Cancel Amazon Textbooks Subscription?

Don’t want to pay more for your yearly subscription for your textbooks? Just order your textbooks from Amazon from the comfort of your home and you can cancel Amazon Textbooks subscription or even a single order at any time. 

When you log in to your Amazon Account, you can enter “Textbooks” in the search bar, then you will be directed to Amazon Textbooks Page, and you can select the Textbook of your choice. Place a simple order and the item will be shipped to you. 

You can cancel your Amazon Textbooks Subscription by signing into your Amazon Account and under Manage Subscriptions, you can make changes or even cancel your subscription. 

How To Cancel Amazon Textbooks Subscription?

You can cancel your Amazon Textbooks or Book Box Subscription at any time by managing your subscription.

Follow these steps to cancel or manage your Amazon Textbooks Subscription

  1. Navigate to Memberships & Subscriptions
  1. Select the Amazon Book Box Subscription
  1. Click on Manage Subscriptions
  1. Make changes (cancel) to your subscription 
  1. Follow the instructions to confirm your cancelation 

How To Cancel Amazon Textbooks Order?

Canceling the subscription to Amazon Textbooks does not cancel the unshipped order that is already placed. To cancel any of your Textbooks orders, you have to follow these steps. 

  1. Head toward the “Your Orders” page and tap on the order that you want to cancel 
  1. Click on Cancel Items
  1. Click Request Cancellation (For third-party sellers)
  1. If you want to cancel a particular order, click on the checkbox of that item.
  1. If you want to cancel the entire order, select all of them 
  1. Tap on Cancel selected items in this order
  1. If your Cancel Items option is not available, you need to go to the tracking page, and then click on Cancel this delivery

How To Return Your Textbooks Rental?

You can return your Textbooks Rental to get a refund or you can also return your physical textbooks from your Amazon Account. 

Follow these steps to return a Textbook Rental for a refund. 

  1. Navigate to Your Orders page
  1. Select the item or order you want to return
  1. Tap on Return Item.
  1. If you do not find the Return Item option, then it means that your selected order is not eligible for a refund. 

Follow these steps to return a physical textbook 

  1. Navigate to Manage Your Rentals
  1. Select the Textbook you want to return
  1. Choose Return Rental to print the pre-paid return shipping label 
  1. Take a print of the packaging slip and return the shipping label
  1. With packaging slip, pack your returnable items
  1. Put the return shipping label on your package
  1. The carrier listed on your return label should receive the package. If you utilize the provided shipping label, return shipping is free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Amazon Still Offer Print Textbooks Rental?

No, as of April 1, 2023, Amazon no longer allows customers to rent print textbooks. You can extend your current textbook rentals till September 23, 2023. You may return any of your remaining print textbook rentals after this time period. 

How Do I Contact To Amazon Customer Service?

If you have any queries, related to your order. Then, to get support from their team, you have to go to Amazon Help Page, to get customer services from Amazon. 


It seems like now you want to cancel your Amazon Textbooks Subscription. Not, to worry, follow the above-mentioned steps and cancel it now. 

After canceling a subscription, you can still receive books. Whenever you want to read books, just go to Amazon and search for the Textbook you desired, and get a fast delivery of your book from Amazon. You can also cancel My Kindle Unlimited Subscription.

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