How To Cancel CVS CarePass Membership In 2 Easy Ways?

How To Cancel CVS CarePass Membership In 2 Easy Ways?

If you feel like your membership to CVS CarePass is going in vain as you do not often need their products and healthcare services, then it is better to cancel CVS CarePass so that you do not have to pay a fixed subscription fee. 

For those with recurring medical conditions, a subscription to healthcare facilities is a must, and a CVS Carepass plays the same role in giving its members access to health-focused products as well as care. In its membership program, members are also offered free delivery on eligible prescriptions.

To cancel your CVS CarePasss membership, you can either call on their customer service number and request a cancelation of your membership. Alternatively, you can also cancel manually by logging in to your account on their website and visiting the cancel page.

If you want to know in detail every possible method in which your CVS CarePass can be terminated, then we think that you should continue reading this article. 

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Can You Cancel Your CVS CarePass Membership?

If you want to cancel your CVS CarePass membership so that you are not charged for another billing cycle, you have to make sure that you submit the cancelation request at least three days prior to the upcoming renewal date, otherwise, the processing of your request might take some time and you would already be charged for another month by then. 

How To Cancel CVS CarePass Over The Phone?

How To Cancel CVS CarePass Membership In 2 Easy Ways- How To Cancel CVS CarePass Over The Phone?

You can contact the customer service number of CVS CarePass to request the cancelation of your membership. The customer service for CVA CarePass is available on weekdays (Monday to Friday) between 8 a.m. and 11 p.m. ET, and on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) between 8:30 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. ET.

For this, you will need to dial the CVS CarePass Cancel Number 1-833-320-CARE (1-833-320-2273) and request them to get your membership to CVS CarePass terminated. You will be asked to provide your respective account details and probably a valid reason for which you want to cancel your membership. 

Make sure that you ask customer service for proof of your cancelation request as either an email or a confirmation number so that you have something to show later in case the process is not completed properly. 

How To Cancel Your CVS CarePass Membership On The Website?

You can also refer to the official website of CVS CarePass to cancel your membership to their services on your own. Here are the steps that you can follow for this purpose:

1. On your device’s web browser, head to the official website of CVS CarePass.

2. Log in to your respective account from which you want to cancel the membership.

3. Head to the Cancel Plan page on your account. 

4. Here, you will find the cancelation option for your current subscription, select that. 

5. Follow up as directed and get your subscription terminated. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Is CVS CarePass Membership?

The monthly membership subscription charges for your CVS CarePass will cost you $5 every month, however, if you take up an annual subscription, you will only have to pay an amount of $48, however, including the tax wherever applicable 

Is There A Free Trial For CVS CarePass?

Yes, CVS CarePass provides a free trial to its members for the first month of their subscription.

So, when you apply for a membership to CVS CarePass, you will not be required to pay anything throughout your first month of membership, and after the free trial period is over.

You will be charged on a monthly or annual basis as per the cycle you have opted for. 

How To Get CVS CarePass Membership For Free?

If you want your CVS CarePass for free, you will first need to enroll yourself in the CVS ExtraCare program which is also free of cost.

After which you will be eligible to participate in the new CVS CarePass program where you can register for a no-cost CVS CarePass membership via your Aetna member website. 

How To Contact CVS CarePass Customer Service?

In case you have any questions or queries, you can contact their service team by calling 1-833-320-2273 or 1-800-746-7287. Send your queries to CVS Corporation, Customer Relations, One CVS Drive, Woonsocket, RI 02895

Wrapping Up

We hope that after going through this article, you will no longer have to pay for your CVS CarePass membership whose services you are not even using every month.

If you want to get rid of any other membership or subscription, feel free to tell us in the comments, and we shall be more than happy to help you with that. 

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