How To Cancel Citi Credit Card?

cancel citi credit card

Are you using your Citi credit card to take care of your payments? But what if you are not satisfied with Citi Bank’s services or have found another better option? Then, it is better that you cancel your Citi credit card and we can help you with the effective steps you can try to terminate the services. 

Citi offers a range of cards to members, providing several benefits and perks. You can use the cards nationwide and millions of merchants accept payments via this card. The Citi Credit Cards can also be used worldwide where more than 200 countries accept the services.

You will be able to cancel your Citi credit card by a phone call to their Customer Service or online using their Live Chat feature. Cancellations can also be completed via mail or by visiting your Citi Bank branch location. You can request the representatives to cancel your credit card and they will help you with it. 

How Can I Cancel Citi Credit Card?

You can cancel your Citi credit card by contacting their Customer Support department and there are several ways to do so. 

Cancel Citi Credit Card Via Phone Call

1. The members can give a call to the Citibank Credit Card Customer Support department and request to cancel their card. 

2. Dial the help number 1 (800) 950-5114 for credit card support and you will be connected to a representative. 

3. Speak to the representative and tell them that you want to cancel your Citi Credit Card. 

4. Give them your cancellation reason if they ask for one and also provide all your credit card, personal, and account details they may ask you. 

5. Just do as they say and your credit card will be canceled.

Cancel Citi Credit Card Online Via Live Chat

1. You will also be able to cancel your Citi Credit Card online by contacting the service team via Live Chat. 

2. Log in to your Citibank mobile app or sign in to the Citi website

3. There you will see a Contact Us link. Click on the link and you will find various options to contact the Support department. 

4. You can now start an online chat with their representatives and they will surely guide you with card cancellation steps. 

Cancel Citi Credit Card Via Mail

1. Members can also request cancelation for their Citi Credit Card by sending a mail to the bank. 

2. Prepare a request where you write down your credit card details and also your personal information that they may need to proceed with the cancellation. 

3. Request them to cancel your card and when you have entered all the required details, send it to their mailing address:

Citibank Customer Service

P.O. Box 6500

Sioux Falls, SD 57117

Cancel Citi Credit Card At Branch Location

1. Visiting the nearest Citibank branch location can also help you with your credit card cancellation.

2. Go to a Citibank branch and speak to a representative at the front desk. 

3. Tell them that you want to cancel your Citi credit card and they may ask a reason for the same. So, make sure you prepare a good one. 

4. They will ask you for your card number, card details, account details, and also your personal details so make sure you have them all handy. 

5. Follow the steps as they explain and this will cancel your credit card. 

How To Unlink Citi Credit Card 2023?

If you already have a Citi credit card linked to your account but do not want it to appear online then you do have an option to delink your card from your Citi online account in just a few steps. Navigate to the Account Management tab on your Citi online account and then choose the Link/Unlink Accounts option. Now follow the steps as prompted and you are done unlinking your card. 

Wrap Up

You may get many perks with the Citi credit card but when you don’t feel like continuing to use it anymore then follow the above-mentioned steps in detail and cancel your credit card. You can dial their help number, visit the branch location, or go through any of the steps for termination. Contact their Customer Support for more details or queries. You can also cancel your Bank Of America Credit Card and Amazon Credit Card.

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