How To Cancel CenterPoint Energy?

cancel centerpoint energy

Are you getting your Natural Gas and Electricity services from CenterPoint? You are either not very satisfied with it or might have another reason to cancel the service since you are here. In that case, you can rely on us to get the effective steps for service cancellation. 

CenterPoint Energy is a Utility company that offers Natural Gas and electricity services. These services are provided both to residences and businesses. You can visit the official website and choose the service plan according to your requirements. 

To cancel your CenterPoint energy service, you will have to contact their Customer Service team by dialing their given phone number. You can also submit an online form by filling in the needed details to stop the service. 

How Can I Cancel CenterPoint Energy?

You will be able to cancel CenterPoint Energy’s service by dialing their help number or by submitting an online form for the same. 

1. You must give a call to CenterPoint Energy by dialing their service number 866-275-5252 and asking them to speak to a representative. 

2. Now request them to cancel your CenterPoint Energy service and do give a reason if they ask you to.

3. Provide your service account details, number, your personal details, and other information that they may require to cancel the service. 

4. After giving them all the details, do request them to provide you with a service cancellation mail or email. 

Stop CenterPoint Energy Service

You can also stop your energy service by filling out an online form provided by CenterPoint. 

1. Visit the CenterPoint Energy Stop Service page and you will see a short form there. 

2. Provide your Account Number, your name, and also the last 4 digits of the Account holder’s SSN. 

3. Select a reason to turn off the services and fill out the other details as asked.

4. Now hit the Continue button at the bottom of the page and stop the service as they say. 

To stop the CenterPoint Natural Gas Service, you can go to this page and then fill out the online form with the correct details and Submit it when you are done. 

Cancel CenterPoint Energy- FAQs

Does CenterPoint Energy Have An App?

Yes, CenterPoint Energy does have an application that you can use to manage your account. However, if you are unable to use the app then you can also manage your account, report outages, or even contact them via the website. 

What Is CenterPoint Energy Temporary Disconnect?

There can be situations when CenterPoint Energy may temporarily disconnect the services provided to you. This may be to ensure that electricians perform their repairs or other work safely. Customers can visit the CenterPoint Disconnect page for more related details. 

How Can I Contact CenterPoint Energy Customer Service?

For any problems related to the services provided by CenterPoint, you can give them a call on their hotline number 612-372-5050 or 800-296-9815. It may take them some time to attend to your calls as they are already experiencing high call volume. 

Another way to contact CenterPoint Energy is by filling out an online form. Go to the CenterPoint Customer Service page and you will see an online form there. Provide all your details as they asked and after filling out the form, click on the Submit button. 

Wrap Up

CenterPoint Energy can provide you with Natural Gas and electric energy services for businesses and residences. They will let you choose the service plan that you want according to your requirements and you can visit the website for more details that you need. 

If you ever face a problem, CenterPoint Energy Customer Service is always there to help you. Use the details mentioned above and contact their Customer Support department for help. 

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