How To Cancel Canva Subscription? 3 Productive Modes!

how to cancel canva subscription

If you work online and your work requires designing and editing then you have been using Canva for the same. But what if you have the Canva subscription already and don’t need it anymore now? No worries, if you don’t need the subscription, then we will help you cancel it. 

Canva is a graphic design tool and platform that can help you create designs for your presentation and other related work. There are a great number of images, designs, videos, and template options for you to choose from, and the availability is huge when you purchase a subscription plan to Canva.

You can cancel your Canva subscription online from the official website or from your Android or iOS device. The users can also pause or suspend their subscriptions on similar platforms till they want.

How Much Is Canva Subscription? Does Canva Offer Free Trial?

Canva is a platform for all designer enthusiasts who wish to make use of their graphic designing skills with numerous available options. There is a huge range of images, graphics, templates, videos, and more that will help make the best designs. There are subscription plans available for the users and they can select the one that fits best for their work. You can use Canva for free but you will only have access to limited design options. 

The Canva Pro subscription plan will cost you $12.99/month or is available to purchase at an annual price of $119.99. Apart from the options available for the free version, you can select designs, images, and more available for Pro subscribers. You will get several more templates and even resizing tool. Canva Pro is also available for Teams at $14.99 for the initial 5 members and gives these access to the complete team. 

Canva does offer a 45-day free trial to new users so that they get to know about the benefits provided by the subscription plan and choose to either continue with the subscription or terminate it before the free trial is over. 

How Can I Cancel My Canva Subscription?

You can cancel your Canva subscription online from the Canva Official page or through your Android or iOS devices. 

Cancel Canva Subscription From Website

1. Launch the official website of Canva and sign in from your registered account. 

2. Now click on the Gear icon or the Account Settings option on the page. 

3. From the options provided in the Menu section, choose Billing & plans

4. You will now see your Canva subscription plan there, click on the three dots next to it. 

5. Select Cancel Subscription and then Confirm cancellation. 

Cancel Canva Subscription On Android

1. From your Android device, open the Google Play Store app. 

2. Tap on your Google profile icon on the top right side of the page and from the menu, select Payments & Subscriptions

3. Now choose Subscriptions and you will see all the subscriptions you purchased on your android device. 

4. Choose your Canva subscription from there and hit the Cancel Subscription option there. 

5. You must confirm your Canva subscription cancellation procedure. 

Cancel Canva Subscription On iOS/Apple

1. Launch the Settings app on your iOS device and continue by tapping on your name

2. Go to Subscription or iTunes app or App Store if the option is not available there. 

3. Sign in to your Apple ID by providing the registered credentials. 

4. Navigate to the Subscriptions tab again and select your Canva subscription

5. Now hit the Cancel Subscription option and confirm. 

How To Pause Canva Subscription?

If you do not want to cancel your subscription and only need a break then you are also allowed to Pause your subscription. 

Pause Canva Subscription From Website

1. Log in to your Canva account and directly jump to Account Settings

2. Go to Billing & plans and choose your Canva subscription plan from there. 

3. Click on the three dots for more options and choose Cancel Subscription

4. You can now select Continue cancelation and then choose I want to pause my subscription from the next screen page. 

5. Continue with cancelation and then Confirm the procedure by choosing Pause for 3 months.

Pause Canva Subscription On Android

1. Open the Google Play Store on your Android device and go to the profile page.

2. Select Payments & subscriptions from the options on the menu and then choose Subscriptions

3. Now choose your Canva subscription and then tap on the Manage option. 

4. Hit the Pause payments option and you will be asked to choose the duration for suspension. 

5. Confirm the procedure and you are done. 

Cancel Canva Subscription- FAQs

Can You Cancel Canva Before Free Trial Ends?

Yes, you can of course cancel your Canva subscription before the free trial ends. If you do not want to pay for your subscription, you must cancel it within the 45-day free trial period or you will be charged once the trial period is over. You can cancel your free trial by going through the above-mentioned steps. 

Can I Cancel My Canva Subscription And Get A Refund?

You can cancel your Canva subscription but won’t be offered a refund for the same. They will allow you to continue using the subscription till your current billing period ends. However, if you see unwanted charges on your account then you can request a refund from Canva Support Page

What Happens When You Cancel Canva Pro?

When you cancel your Canva Pro membership, you will still have access to the services provided by the subscription plan till your current billing period is over. The subscription cancellation takes place after this period is over. Till then, you can use the paid features, and also the designs you made will not be deleted. 

How Can I Contact Canva Customer Service?

If you have queries related to your Canva subscription plan or the services provided by them then you can visit the Canva Contact Support page and select the section you need help with. They will help you accordingly. 

Wrap Up

Canva offers users great design options so that they create something amazing and exclusive. However, if the subscription is not working for you, you can cancel it immediately by following the steps discussed above in detail. The users can pause their subscription to Canva if they plan to take a break from the service. Contact the Canva Support team for more details. You can also cancel your Photoshop subscription.

Cancelling your subscriptions and memberships will become hassle free with easy to digest "How-to" articles by Rachel.

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