How To Cancel Calendly Subscription? Account Deletion!!

How To Cancel Calendly

Due to its great scheduling technology, Calendly has made the work of many Multinational Companies easy, and most IT companies use this tool nowadays. But, apart from providing the best technique, still some companies prefer another tool over Calendly and gonna cancel their Calendly Subscription soon. If you also want the same, then here are some easy methods to cancel your Calendly Subscription. 

Calendly is a software company that provides online services to the user to make their business meeting schedules with external people possible and easy without checking email or doing phone calls. Well!! For most of the users who have their back-to-back meetings, this tool works best. But, still, some users want to cancel their Calendly subscription, after using it only once. 

You can cancel your Calendly Subscription at any time from your Account Settings tab and downgrade the paid subscription plan to the basic one. For more detailed information, follow this entire article. 

Calendly Subscription Cost | Know About Its Cancellation Policy

Calendly is the online scheduling tool used by almost most IT companies that are tired to schedule their meeting with someone in a manual way (Via emails or phone calls).

But with the help of Calendly, it’s not difficult anymore. You can add your own available slots in Calnedly and share that link with the other external party, and they will choose the slot for the meeting from the available ones. 

Calendly Subscription Cost: Take a look at this table to know about their subscription cost plans. 

Subscription PlanSubscription Cost
Basic Always Free

Calendly Cancellation Policy: According to Calendly Terms & Conditions, you can cancel your subscription at any time from your Calendly Application and your cancelation will be processed after cancelation, your paid subscription services will be stopped immediately at that current time. 

How To Cancel Calendly Subscription?

If you want to cancel your Calendly Subscription, then canceling the paid subscription can automatically downgrade your paid plan to the basic plan (free one). Follow these steps to cancel or downgrade your Calendly Subscription.

  1. Go to your Calendly App or Account and from the top of the page, Select the Account.
  1. Go to the Billings page 
  1. Tap on Change Plan> Downgrade
  1. Your plan will be downgraded at the end of your current billing cycle. 

How To Cancel Calendly Account?

Follow these steps to cancel your Calendly Subscription or account. Remember that after canceling your Calendly Account, the information stored in your Calendly Account will also be permanently deleted. 

  1. Open your Calendly App or log in to your Calendly Account.
  1. From the main page, tap on the “Account”> Account Settings
  1. From the bottom of the page, tap on the “Delete Account” button 
  1. Choose the option of what you would like to do after deleting your account. You will get these three options-
  • Transfer ownership and delete my account
  • Keep my account and leave the organization
  • Delete my account and disband the organization
  1. Give the answer to some of the asked questions and after that tap on the Red Delete button 

How To Cancel, Reschedule, And Make Changes To An Calendly Event?

Suppose you create an event or meeting on your Calnedly App and now you want to make some changes to your event, then you can easily be able to do so.

Yes, whether you want to reschedule, cancel, or even make any kind of other changes to your event, you can do so easily just with some simple steps. Here are the steps for each one of them. 

Cancel An Event

Follow these simple steps to cancel your scheduled event on Calendly:

  • Go to Scheduled Events from the Calendly Home Page
  • Open the Details of the event, you want to cancel
  • Tap on the Cancel option

You can also add a cancelation message to your email to inform the invitees about the cancelation. Once a message is added, the cancelation time is shown on both calendars. 

Reschedule An Event

Steps to reschedule an event- 

  • Go to Calendly Home Page> Scheduled Events
  • Open the Details of the Event
  • Tap on the “Reschedule” 

Not only you, but even the invitees can also reschedule their event. Once, the event is rescheduled, both parties will be notified about it. 

How To Reschedule Or Cancel A Meeting In The Mobile App?

You can make changes to your scheduled meeting from your Calendly Mobile App. Here are the steps to reschedule or cancel a meeting in the mobile app. 

Reschedule A Meeting In The Mobile App

  1. From your mobile homepage, go to Scheduled Events from the bottom of the page
  1. Choose the event you want to reschedule
  1. Then, tap on the Reschedule button 
  1. Reschedule your meeting according to you, select a new date and time, and send that rescheduled meeting link to the invitees
  1. You can send that Calendly Reschdelue Link via text, email, or by copying the link. 

Cancel A Meeting In The Mobile App

  1. Navigate to the Scheduled events from your mobile homepage
  1. Choose the event to cancel
  1. From the top of the right corner of your event details, tap on the Red color trash icon to cancel the event or meeting.
  1. Your meeting will be removed or deleted from the scheduled events
  1. Invitees will get a message about it via email. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Contact Calendly Customer Service?

To get any kind of assistance in cancelation or other issues, you can contact their customer service team by emailing them at [email protected] and reach out to their team and get solutions for your issues. 

For more contact information and help, you can simply visit Calendly Contact Page and Help Center. 

Can You Get A Calendly Refund?

You can cancel your Calendly Account at any time but if you have already paid the fees for its subscription, then after cancelation, you will not be able to access the platform and no refunds will be given to you. 


Calendly offers different types of features for scheduling your meetings and work which makes it one of the most convenient tools of all time. Still, cancelation is your choice. Follow these mentioned for easy Calendly Cancelation or contact their customer service team. 

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