How To Cancel BT Broadband Service?

How To Cancel BT Broadband Service?

Recently, BT announced that it will officially increase its monthly rates almost by 15% on March 31, 2023. Due to this, most people end up canceling their BT Broadband Service, if you are also looking for some ways to cancel BT Broadband, then here in this article, you will get to know about it. 

With its fast, unlimited fiber internet and affordable TV and broadband bundles, it’s easy to understand why BT is the most widely used Internet service provider in the UK. Although it provides service to over nine million households and offers a variety of download speeds, TV add-ons, and landline plans, it won’t be the ideal provider for everyone. If you are looking for switching your broadband service, then you need to cancel BT first. 

The only way to cancel your BT Broadband service (whether you are in contract or out of contract) is by contacting BT Customer Support Service Team over the phone call and asking them to cancel your service. 

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Can You Cancel Your BT Broadband?

Yes, you can cancel your BT Broadband at any time whether you are in contract or out of contract. You can cancel your BT service free if you are out of contract but you need to pay some cancelation fee, if you cancel your membership before your contract ends. 

How To Cancel BT Broadband If You Are Out Of Contract?

If you are not under contract, it is free and simple to terminate BT Broadband. You likely consented to a contract that was valid for a predetermined period when you signed up with BT. It’s best to double-check your agreement before closing the account because BT does offer 18 and 24-month contracts in addition to the customary 12-month contract. 

Well!! Many broadband services provide you with the method to cancel your service online, but not the case with BT. You can not cancel BT service online or with the BT cancelation form. The only way to cancel your BT Broadband service is by Contact BT Service Team over the phone and asking them to cancel your service. 

Here are the Contact Details of the BT Customer Support Service Team. 

BT Contact Number 

  • From a landline: 0800 783 1401
  • From outside the UK: +44 150 174 7714

Follow these steps to cancel BT Broadband service over the phone.

  1. Call BT’s customer service number.
  2. When you speak with a customer service agent, let them know that you want to cancel your BT broadband service because your contract has expired.
  3. To verify your identity and the details of the account, the representative might ask you some questions.
  4. You might be questioned as to why you want to stop using the service. You can state why you’re switching to a different provider or just say that you’ve made the decision.
  5. You must give back any equipment or router that is owned by BT. A representative will give you instructions about that.
  6. They will then cancel your BT Broadband service

How To Cancel BT Broadband If You Are In Contract?

There might be fines or fees attached to the cancellation of your BT Broadband service if you are still under contract. BT will typically deduct what it claims are the savings from no longer having to provide your broadband from your monthly fee multiplied by the number of months left in your contract. 

The steps for canceling BT Broadband under contract are the same as that of non-contract service, but you just need to pay a cancelation fee for terminating your BT broadband service mid-contract. 

Can You Get A Refund For Canceling BT Broadband?

You may be able to cancel your BT Broadband service and receive a refund, depending on some terms and conditions of your contract. 

You should be eligible to receive a complete refund of all fees you have paid if you cancel your BT Broadband service within the cooling-off period, which is typically 14 days from the day you sign up.

It’s important to remember that you must contact BT to cancel your service and request a refund, and the procedure for doing so may differ based on your particular situation. For more information about BT’s refund policy, you should consult your contract or get in touch with them directly or visit BT’s Website. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Cancel For Free If My BT Broadband Is Too Slow?

If the connection is slower than the estimate given when you signed up, you might be able to cancel your contract before its expiration date. To be released from the contract without incurring any fees, you must first ask BT to look into the problem. If they are unable to fix it, however, you may do so.


Once you end up canceling your BT Broadband service, we recommend you find some best alternatives instead of BT Broadband which provides you with the best internet within your budget. We hope that you find this article useful. We tried to cover everything for you just in this single article, if you still have some questions, you are free to ask them us in the comment box. We will try to give you the best solution to your questions. 

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