How To Cancel BT Sport Subscription? Easy Steps To Cancel!!

How To Cancel BT Sport?

Fans can enjoy watching their favorite sports by taking the BT Sport Monthly Pass without having to sign a contract or pay for a broadband subscription. But, if you ever want to cancel your BT Sport Service, then here you can easily do that.

BT Sport gives you access to exclusive  Premier League Matches per season with all the UEFA Champions and Europe League content in the UK. Rugby and WWE are also included and many more sports are on a reasonable plan.

One and the easiest way to cancel your BT Sport Subscription is online by logging in to your Account from the BT Sport Website and following the instructions properly to confirm your cancelation.

Can You Cancel Your BT Sport Service?

Yes, as it works on non-contract service, you can cancel your BT Sports Service at any time by giving a 30-day notice prior to cancelation. Make sure to cancel your subscription, before it is renewed for its new month. 

How To Cancel BT Sport Subscription?

How To Cancel BT Sport Subscription- How To Cancel BT Sport Subscription?

There are many reasons why you might want to end your BT Sport subscription. Perhaps you’re relocating to a new nation or you’ve discovered a more affordable option. You can only cancel a BT Sport service or subscription online via the company’s website and some easy steps.

Step 1: Go To BT Sport Website

From your Chrome Browser, you need to visit the BT Sport Website first. 

Step 2: Log In To My BT

On the BT Sport Website, click on the “My BT” option from the top corner of the screen and then select the “Log in” button from which you need to log in to your BT Sport Account by entering your credentials. 

Step 3: Click Cancel From The Homepage

As you successfully log in to your account, you will find the “BT Sport” subscription on your homepage. Click on the “Cancel Subscription” button from the bottom of your BT Sport. 

Step 4: Cancelation Confirmation

A pop-up will appear after you click “Cancel” asking you if you still want to proceed. You’ll be taken to a new page that confirms the action if you click “cancel” once more. An email confirming the cancellation will also be sent to you. Within 30 days your BT Sport Service will be canceled. 

How To Cancel BT Sport Subscription By Calling?

You can try to cancel your BT Sport by contacting their Customer Support Service over a call and asking them to cancel your service. Dial BT Sport Contact number 0800 800 150.

One of their team members will connect you on a call, and ask them to cancel your BT Sport subscription for you by providing them with your Account information and other necessary basic details.

They will cancel your service over the phone or will tell you to cancel your service on your own from the Company’s Website and will understand the steps by how you can do so. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Cancel A BT Sport Monthly Pass?

If you want to cancel your BT Monthly Pass, then make a call to their service team at CS 03301234150 and their team will cancel your monthly pass.

Can I Pause My BT Sport?

If you are on your Flexible TV Package of BT Sport, then you can pause your BT Sport Subscription otherwise for other packages, you will need to upgrade it to Flexible TV and then go for pause subscription. 

Can I Get A Refund On BT Sport?

Yes, if you cancel your BT Sport Subscription after you have charged for the next month, then in that case you will initiate your refund request and ask them to refund your charged amount.

How To Contact BT Sport Customer Service?

You can contact the BT Sport customer service at 0800 800 150. For more information on its contact option, explore the BT Sport Contact Page.


Enhance your online sports-watching experience with BT Sport as it provides you access to top sports matches from the UK, Europe, and many other countries on good subscription plan deals.

No worry about its cancelation, as its cancelation steps are as easy as watching a live match on it and you can do it on your own with the easy steps mentioned above in this article. You can also cancel your Bally Sports Subscription and Sky Sports Subscription.


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