How To Cancel Botim Subscription In Etisalat?

How To Cancel Botim Subscription In Etisalat?

UAE People use Etisalat as their calling system and Botim is the app that they can use to support their calls. If you are someone, who now wants to disconnect from the Etisalat plan, then you have to cancel Botim Subscription in Etisalat. 

You can get monthly subscriptions in Etisalat in which you will get an unlimited internet package, and calling plans including voice calls and video calls. You can download the Botim App from both the Google Play store & Apple Store. 

You can cancel your Botim Subscription in Etisalat from your “My Etisalat App” or by either sending a text or dialing a number to deactivate the Botim service. 

This article contains the entire information on Botim Subscription cancelation. For detailed steps of cancelation, make sure to read this article up to the conclusion. 

Can You Cancel Your Botim Subscription In Etisalat?

If you want to terminate your unlimited calling services from Etisalat, then you have to cancel or deactivate your Botim Subscription, which automatically stops the working of your Etisalat. 

Yes, you can cancel your Botim Subscription in Etisalat at any time with the methods that we are going to discuss below. 

How To Cancel Botim Subscription In Etisalat?

Botim Subscription is available in two types of plans- one is for Mobile Plan Users and the other is for eLife Plan users. 

Canceling Botim Subscription in Etisalat requires two different methods for eLife plans & mobile. The methods are simple and easy to understand. Here’s what you have to do to cancel Botim Subscription. 

Unsubscribe Botim In Etisalat For A Mobile Internet Calling Plan User

Follow these steps to cancel your Botim Subscription, if you are using a mobile internet call plan. 

  1. Text “CC” to 1012: As soon as you send this text, you will receive a confirmation message that your Botim Subscription is canceled. 
  1. From “My Etisalat App”: Open your Etisalat App on your device and cancel the subscription from the App. 

If you are using its postpaid services, then your subscription will be canceled quickly and you will not be able to use the subscription after cancelation. However, Prepaid users can access the subscription benefits until their current subscription period ends, even after cancelation. 

Deactivate Botim In Etisalat For eLife Internet Calling Plan User

If you are using its eLife Internet Calling Plan User, then you can follow these methods to cancel the Botim Subscription. 

  1. Dial *101#: Dial this number and put an end to your Botim Subscription in Etisalat.
  1. From “My Etisalat UAE” App: Open Etisalat App on your device> Choose your Plan> Tap on the “Unsubscribe” button> Botim current subscription plan is canceled. 

How To Delete Botim Account?

Follow these steps to delete your Botim Account. 

  1. Open the Botim App
  1. Then, click on the “Me” button and you will be directed to the “Delete My Account” page
  1. Enter the Phone Number and then click on the “Delete My Account” button 
  1. With this, your Botim Account will be deleted and all the messages and calling history will also be deleted. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Is Botim Etisalat Monthly Package?

Botim Etisalat Internet Calling Plan is 50AED per month for a single device. 

How To Contact Etisalat Support Team?

You can navigate to the Etisalat Support Page to get help with different topics. You can access its Live Chat option from the bottom of the Support Page. 


We hope that this information on “how to cancel Botim Subscription in Etisalat” is quite enough and informative for you. If you are not satisfied with their calling plans, then you can cancel the Botim subscription. 

After cancelation, you can re-subscribe to the Botim Subscription at any time by simply texting “ICP” to 1012 or from the “My Etisalat UAE App”

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